Self Balancing Unicycle: the solution for parking and traffic problems.

As in India, almost all the countries face the problems caused by uncontrollable rise in traffic such as parking problems and traffic blocks. Most of the developed nations across Geographies are also facing the same setback. The SBUs which is the acronym of Self Balancing Unicycle has already been in few countries for quite some time but hasn't been a great hit as the way it was expected.

Despite the numerous number of advantages the SBUs has, it was not such a big hit in almost all the countries it was introduced. Researches were going o to develop a better version, and thus resulted in inventing the motorized version of the SBU. 'Focus Designs' is a company that already deals in this space and has two earlier versions already in the market.

The electric version is actually third of its kind and the third version V3 is the latest model from the company is named SBU V3 is a motorized version which proves to be user-friendly when it comes to the usage. Since the SBUs run on just one wheel, getting used to this takes a long time for the users to get used to riding of these vehicles.

The users confidently get their hands on these vehicles and zip fast their friends in a very short time. It is roughly estimated that the time to get used to that V1 was a couple of hours and the same for the V2 was reduced drastically to just 20 minutes. The time taken to get used to this latest version V3 is hardly 5 minutes.

Let us hope, this wonderful innovation will be a big hit and so the traffic problems will get solved.
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Last updated on 08-03-2012. Published on 08-03-2012.
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