Harley Davidson to offer personilisation option for its customers

Harley Davidson, who is looking forward to invest heavily in India, foreseeing the development Indian two wheeler market will acquire in the coming years. The company has been always famous for its personal customization feature. And now Harley has carried the same tradition to India.

Harley Davidson is offering to customize the vehicle according to the tastes and preference of the buyer. Harley Davidson has a huge collection of customized accessories in its stable from where the customer can choose the accessories, suiting their style and preference. The customer is been offered with range of customized look options for their Harley Davidson bike.

They can choose from the old looking Harley Davidson a latest designed Harley Davidson. One of the prime aims of Harley Davidson while customizing the vehicle is that the customization of the vehicle should not affect the driving comfort levels.

Harley Davidson offers different accessories suiting different customers physical conditions. Customers who are short in height can alter the foot pegs and handlebars to a closer location for better grip and control on the bike. There is a range of other customization options such as different types of handle bars, pillion seat, LED lamps and pods.
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Last updated on 06-03-2012. Published on 06-03-2012.
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