TTI looking to have a better battery technology

TTI, Tube Investments of India, which is the company which manufactures BSA electric vehicles and they are in a hunt for the best technology is to implement it in these vehicles. There by they can make their product more efficient and successful.

Mr L. Ramkumar, Managing Director said that "We know what consumers want in electric scooters. They want the same experience as petrol scooters-(which simply means) better battery, fast charging, speed and good pick-up."

"But we don't know how to achieve it. We are exploring long-term plans by talking to people on the technology side. We are taking a long-term view to get somebody to work with us, even if it takes time" He added.

He also said that battery scooter industry is not attaining a big improvement as of petrol two wheelers and added "People want a better battery, good pickup, fast charging, less cost, good speed at 65 km per hour"¦ then we have a winner. We know what customers want, but nobody has figured that out yet. Lithium ion batteries are used in Europe, but then the cost goes up tremendously."
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Last updated on 21-02-2012. Published on 21-02-2012.
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