Coming...Bikes upto 700 cc coming from Bajaj

Bajaj Auto, who is in a refreshed mood after the launch of their latest addition of Pulsar and because of their association with KTM, is all set to launch a series of powerful and stylish bikes having capacity of about 700 cc in the coming few years.

Bajaj, though is on a lead in the race with its other counterparts like Honda, Yamaha and Suzuki, it becomes mandatory of it to come up with new products which will enhance the company in maintaining its current position and slowly to climb up the ladder.

Bajaj Auto Limiter is interested in getting the leadership position in the premium bike segment in the years to come. Bajaj aims to position the Pulsar in the value-for-money sports bike segment which has hot an amazing potential and Pulsar brand is already leading the race in this segment.

The month of January saw to new bike launched from Bajaj-Duke 200 and the Pulsar 200NS (Naked Sport). Both these bikes have been jointly developed by Bajaj and KTM. The two companies are likely to jointly bring in 350 cc and 690 cc motorcycles under the Bajaj banner over the next few years
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Last updated on 06-02-2012. Published on 06-02-2012.
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