Super bike Ducati Panigale to arrive soon in the global market

The latest super bike from the Ducati named Panigale was launched at Milan, Italy. This new product from the world famous company has started its production at company's state of the art manufacturing facility in Bologna.

At the time of launch, Ducati President Mr. Gabriele Del Torchio said about this product that, "Without doubt, this has been the most ambitious project in Ducati's history and underlines our engineering excellence and 'product emotion' an aspect of our brand which, in such a competitive market place, has become more important than ever."

He added that, "This motorcycle represents pure Italian style, the reference point for performance and a safety-enhanced, confidence-inspiring experience for our customers on road and track."

Panigale makes use of the new Superquadro engine which is claimed to be most powerful twin-cylinder as on date. The name-Superquadro is named after it's highly oversquare dimensions-112 X 60.8 mm L-Twin.
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Last updated on 30-01-2012. Published on 30-01-2012.
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