Kochi City Police To Deadlock Performance Bikes

Reports find out that a major part of the road accidents are caused by high performance bikes in the city

New generation sports bikes have become a major cause of a headache for the Kochi City Police. Last month alone, there was a total of 116 accidents reported in the city, out of which 70 of them were caused by such bikes. Moreover, 16 of them were reported dead from such awful events. Therefore, the City Police Commissioner has ordered to take strict actions against high-performance bikes on the roads. They had also asked the Motor Vehicle Department of the state for their assistance.

The Police had found out that, there are numerous motorcycles in and around the city which had illegally modified the engine and other mechanical parameters to boost the performance. Such bikes are creating more annoyance on the roads than premium sports and touring bikes. Reboring the cylinder, modifying the handlebar and seats and changing the exhaust pipe with louder kits are a usual scenario in the city. Moreover, such modifications are always done by inexperienced youngsters under the age of 20.

Duke 390 Accident

The current situation is not favoring the superbikes and riders. The wind is flowing against them. However, there are some drawbacks in the Indian Motor vehicle Act as well. In Europe and other Asian countries, motorcycles above 125cc should have ABS as a standard safety feature. However, in India, it is not even found in the 300cc Kawasaki Ninja. Therefore, one cannot blame the superbike and riders alone for road accidents. A complete awareness is required to solve this problem and it requires adequate measurements.

Source: Mathrubhumi Local Daily
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