Hero MotoCorp To Enter The Strong Brazilian Market Soon

The Indian motorcycle maker is targeting their presence in 50 countries by the year 2020.

Hero MotoCorp is the world's largest two-wheeler manufacturer in terms of volume. It doesn't mean that they are branched in all continents. For Indian automakers, crossing the borders are considered to be a difficult task, but Hero had managed to establish their brand in countries like Argentina, Peru, Egypt, Turkey and some African nations. Now this Gurgaon based makers are eyeing Brazil, one of the pristine two-wheeler markets of the world.

The entry and survival in the Brazilian market won't be such an easy task as it is already under the belts of Honda motorcycles. The Japanese makers had anchored in the Brazilian market from 1976. Moto Honda da Amazonia (a subsidiary of Honda Motors in Brazil) holds the 80% of total two-wheeler market and it is one of their fertile lands in the whole world. Moreover, Brazil is the World's fourth and South America's largest two-wheeler market in terms of the volume. Therefore, Hero is all set to make up for this challenge.

Hero XF3R

Brazil is one of the few countries in the world, which uses Ethanol Blended Petrol for automobiles. Therefore, Hero plans to develop flexi-fuel engines for this market. They will be anchoring some of the specifically built motorcycles for the Brazilian market as they did in other countries. Hero is set to enter this South American market by the year 2019-20 (financial year) and thereby targeting their presence in 50 nations by 2020. Hero may also enter the Mexican market much before their entry towards Brazil.

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