KTM brand to replace all the Bajaj's pro biking outlets

KTM, the strategic partner of Bajaj from Austria in which Bajaj has got almost 40 % share is going to replace the Bajaj's pro biking outlets with its brand name. This will be a new energy booster for Bajaj's impression among the user and will surely
give a refreshed look.
The Pro-Biking showrooms came live since the year 2003 and has been actively doing its part of selling the Pulsar 220, Pulsar 200 (which is no more produced) and other bikes for the past 8 years in a row.

" We will continue to distribute the Ninjas. When we first invested in Pro-biking in 2003, we knew that one day we would need exclusive distribution for the premium market" Mr Rajiv Bajaj, Bajaj Auto's Managing Director said.

Strategic plans includes selling of Bajaj bikes by KTM in foreign markets. "We're looking to sell Bajaj models through our dealers-this could happen in about two years. Europe is though not a market for the cheaper models" Mr. Stefan Pierer, the CEO of KTM-Sportmotorcycles AG said.
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Last updated on 26-01-2012. Published on 26-01-2012.
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