Share Your Ride With Rapido Bike Pooling

Rapido pooling allows one to share their bike ride through mobile app, which can be used as source of income

For the past couple of years, the use of mobile application products, e-commerce, online payments and online booking has been on a rapid increase. Of these, many of them are start-ups and self-financed products or services. Many such start-ups emerged as leading service providers now, others just collapsed after months. Rapido is one such initiative, which could be giant service provider by changing the entire taxi or vehicle renting culture of our country.

Rapido is a product developed by a bunch of IIT graduates, who looks forward to improve the traffic and driving culture of our country. It is basically a platform, where one can book a bike ride through their mobile application while traveling solo, similar to online taxi booking. The main difference lies within the fare and efficiency. It will be 60% cost-effective than cars, not only that here ride booking is done only to those bikes which are traveling towards the desired location or direction. By sharing your ride with another person, you can earn some amount, which could be added to your monthly income. Moreover, ride sharing principle works here, rather than renting a ride for particular time. Thus, Rapido Bike Pooling helps in reducing everyday travel issue like parking, driving, traffic and hike in fuel prices.

Rapido Bike Pooling

It is economical, faster and most convenient way of traveling as it saves a lot of time especially during peak hours. Not only that, it is rather helpful in bringing down the Carbon content in the atmosphere, as one is sharing their ride with another. As a first step Rapido bike pooling has started their activities in Bangalore. The success of Bangalore will take Rapido to newer cities and states.

Some of the advantages of Rapido Bike Pooling:

*It can solve one of the biggest issue of transportation problem in our main cities.
*Develops new friendships
*Fewer bike means, lesser pollution and lesser traffic congestion
*Fewer Vehicles, lesser the wear and tear
*Fuel consumption is less, more economical
*Make your lonely rides more fun
*More the ride you share more you earn.

Rapido Bike Pooling 1

In order to register your ride with the Rapido Bike pooling there are some strict rules and regulations to be followed. For further enquiry and registration contact :
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