Honda Showcased Their Self Balancing Motorcycle

The 2017 CES at Las Vegas witnessed the revealing of Riding Assist from Honda.

Just like the tag line of Honda says, “Power of Dreams”, the dreams are just to happen real. The latest Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas has witnessed one such dream becoming true. Honda steals the entire show by unveiling a self balancing motorcycle, calls by “Riding Assist” technology.

This new technology is implemented in the personal mobility device UNI-CUB. It allows the motorcycle to balance itself in slow speeds, without the help of gyroscopes. This particular feature is adopted by raking the front forks of the motorcycle and by moving the front wheels back and forth. This type of balancing is very common among the cyclist at slow speeds. Apart from this Honda, the use of Gyroscopes adds a lot of weight in the motorcycles, which in turn affects the performance of the vehicle.

Honda Balancing Motorcycle

Honda Riding Assist use, Honda’s own Robotics technology for efficient operation. When the Riding Assist is engaged, it will increase the fork angle of the front suspension by lengthening the wheelbase of the bike. Then, with the help of a small steering, it manages to self-balance the motorbike. But, this technology is only used at the stop and starting time of the bike and it is not required when the vehicle is in motion. Not only that, this particular model can silently propel towards the owner, with the Honda’s autonomous technology.

Honda Balancing Motorcycle Ces

This is not the first self balancing motorcycle in the automotive world as BMW Motorrad has revealed their Self Balancing product “Vision Next 100 Concept” last year. This one works with the help of on board gyroscope and some sophisticated computers. BMW features many advanced technology and futuristic design in the Vision Next 100. Meanwhile, Honda’s motorcycle sticks to the basics with current design trend. And from the two models, Honda’s model is very much likely to be a production model in the near future than BMW.

Honda Balancing Motorcycle Ces 2017

Honda is yet to make an official statement about the application of this technology in their current models. They may even introduce new breed of motorcycles under this technology.
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