Harley Davidson to focus more on India

This bit of news is surely gonna thrill all those Harley Davidson fans, Harley Davidson has some big plans for the Indian market not only looking to expand its market in metros but also focussed to grace in smaller towns to achieve its target of 40 per cent of sales to come from outside the US by 2014.

Harley Davidson India is currently spread across India with its present seven dealership outlet and is also looking to expand its network to open new ones in Kolkata, Jaipur and Kochi.

"Gradually, we have been ramping up our operations. We have also been able to increase the number of models assembled in India to five. There is a latent demand for our bikes in smaller towns across India apart from metros. So we will be going there" Harley-Davidson India Director-Marketing Mr. Sanjay Tripathi told PTI.

He said while metros would continue to account for more sales, the smaller towns "will help in expanding the Harley-Davidson culture". During Q1, 2012, Harley Davidson India will open its showroom in Kolkata and will be followed at Jaipur and Kochi during the Q4 of the calendar year
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Last updated on 10-01-2012. Published on 10-01-2012.
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