Eric Buell Racing Saved By Hero

Reports emerge of Hero Motorcorp going all out to save Eric Buell Racing

Eric Buell Racing, once known for its iconic designs and spectacularly powered motorcycles, recently declared itself bankrupt by Eric Buell himself who founded the company in 2009. Before being bankrupt, Hero Motorcorp, the Indian motorcycle manufacturer acquired 49% stake in the American company at a total price of $ 25 million. The company was up for auction on July 21st, but there were no interested takers.

Hero Ebr

In what seems like a proper plot twist, it has emerged that Hero Motorcorp has decided to throw the rescue line and help the sinking company back on-board. Reports suggest that Hero bought the whole 100% of the shares from its owner, Eric Buell. This certainly is good news for the members at EBR, and with the buyout, employees will be reinstated and production can continue, and at the same time giving Hero the hopes of launching its much rumored and tested HX250R. Hero and EBR have previously worked together on various products including the Karizma R and its facelift models.

Hero EBR HX250R

EBR is a strong contender in the racing sector as well, and although its on-road bike sales did not perform as well as it did on track, Hero could use this opportunity to their advantage and perhaps, quite possibly, set itself for a race entrance in the long run. Further clarification regarding the report will be posted.
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