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Letsride is an incredible idea that involves a safer, cheaper and comfortable commute while also saving the environment

The country of India is in dire need of a better and efficient mode of transportation and better access to a network of roads that links places. Vehicular density is increasing, as we speak, but the roads are not able to keep up with this pace. This, as a result, causes annoying traffic blocks, and especially in a metro, this could mean missing out on deadlines or not being able to reach work on time and that important meeting that was scheduled for the morning. Observing all this was Rajkumar Mundel, he himself was a victim of infuriating traffic snarls in the scorching heat and came to the realization that this needs to change. He is the founder of a revolutionary online ride-sharing platform, Letsride, that enables users to share and search for rides from Point A to Point B.

Letsride Ride Sharing

The main motivation behind the idea, the first of its kind in India, as Rajkumar Mundel says, is the increasing number of vehicles, and our commuting culture of using our own vehicles, a car or a bike, for example, and leaving vacant spaces unoccupied. This is where Letsride comes in. It brings together people who travel from the same area and back but gives the user the opportunity to share his/her ride at a definite cost or search for a ride. At first, the service was launched in the three metros – Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore, but now it has spread to many other cities, increasing its database of users, some who might be looking for a ride and some willing to share their ride. Rajkumar Mundel was not alone while on a pursuit to get his idea materialized, Praveen Mane and Averi Paul Choudhury were also instrumental in making this dream come true.

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Letsride.in urges people to get rid of their personal conveniences and look at the world with an open mind. What it does is to create a community of users that are in a way saving up with regard to transport (ride charges are nominal), getting from home to the work place comfortably, reducing traffic, pollution levels are severely cut down and the ride can be re-assuring for many, including women. Currently, the service providers are in talks with several IT companies that occasionally have to hire cabs to ferry professionals in and out of their campuses. With the public transportation also not being a favorite, Letsride is hoping to cash in on this segment. The company also performs background checks on the users registered at their website to prevent any form of ill practices.

Letsride Pollution

Anyone who is willing to be part of Letsride can easily join the cause and be benefited! All they have to do is register onto their website using an email ID or a Facebook account, fill in the details regarding your commute and voilà, it's done. Regular updates can be seen on their Facebook page, Facebook also being their chief area for advertising. Stories about the rides can be uploaded to the website and photos, too. If it picks up well with rest of India, and since this being an online-social-service, there could be a tremendous potential for growth and a dramatic decrease in the usage of personal vehicles for commute, which, in turn lowers horrendous traffic snarls and long waits to get a move on.

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