Indian version of Hardley Davidson and Triumph bikes coming soon.

Here comes a big as well as exciting news which underlines the fact that India has been acknowledged all over the world as a big automobile market. According to a report in Standard, iconic bike makers like US major Harley Davidson and UK based Triumph Motorcycle which have entered Indian market have initiated to launch downsized models for the Indian followers.

"It (the plan) has got a few bikes. They are of a lower capacity. The development time is three years. Every premium bike manufacturer is looking downsizing their . I would say looking at a future strategy perspective it may be on the cards." said Ashish Joshi, managing director (India), Triumph Motorcycle.

He added that "The way the Indian market is headed with its people having better spendable income, there will always be space for bigger bikes. I believe the 250cc-500cc engine bikes will always sell in better numbers. The growth in the 180cc and above is outpacing the growth of the rest of the industry. So there is a clear shift in preference."

Harley Davidson India is reported to have provided market insights and consumer preferences to its global product development team. A low-cost product for the Indian consumer is the apt model for the company's growing customer base here.
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