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Breaking The Sound Barriers – The New Magnum X-1

Victory launches the new Magnum X-1 at the Daytona Bike Week

Sound is not a barrier anymore for the new Magnum X-1. Pumped up with an upgraded audio system, this time, the Magnum gets even more louder than its base variant.

The new Magnum gets its name from the Bell X-1, the plane that broke the supersonic limit with fabulous test pilot Chuck Yeager at the controls. Launched at the 2015 Daytona Bike Week, this special edition luxury cruiser from Victory definitely grabbed the attention of the bike maniacs.

Victory Magnum X1

Though it looks much like the standard Magnum which was launched in 2014, this bike belonging to the Victory “Baggers” family, has got upgraded features like a 200W sound system with each saddlebag featuring a 6x9 speaker and a 1.2-inch tweeter embedded into its top, while the back channels make use of their own 100W of power. So, from the standard 6 speakers which were available on the base model of the Magnum, the new X-1 gets 10 speakers in total. In short, the Magnum X-1 is exactly the noisy loud chap that comes around from the neighborhood

Victory Magnum X1

On the mechanical side of things, the new X-1 is very much similar to all the other big boys from Victory. This luxury cruiser is armed with a 1,731cc Freedom 106 V-twin that churns out a maximum power mated to a 6-speed transmission and a carbon fiber reinforced belt for final drive.

Victory Magnum X1

Moving on to its aesthetic side, it sports a charismatic design that would want you to keeping looking at its pictures over and over again.

Victory Magnum X1

Adding to the stylish looks of the Magnum X-1 is the uniquely outlined 21-inch front and rear 16-inch Black Billet wheels from a solitary billet of aluminum having shiny dark paint to highlight the machined configuration of the spokes, an LED front light that is covered with a smoke-tinted lens which the company claims to be 75% brighter than incandescent light, and a catchy Electric Red-Gloss Black combination of paint work mixed with some amount of Platinum streaks.

Victory Magnum X1

Similarly as with the base Magnum, the pack equipment and motor cowling are shading coordinated, just like the nearby outs between the packs and the bumpers. The company also claims that the parts of the standard Magnum can be fit into the new X-1, which means that even if you don't get in the right parts for the X-1, the bike would manage pretty well with the components from its base variant.

Victory Magnum X1

The Magnum X-1 is priced at $24,499 (approximately Rs 15,37,950) and would be available at the Victory dealerships across the world by April 2015.

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