80% Reduction in Vehicle Tax Dues

Applicable to automobiles which have pending dues

"An 80% deduction has been entitled to those who pay the Vehicle tax by availing the one time settlement scheme", says the Transport Commissioner of Kerala. To those who have been fined for not clearing the taxes on time and those facing confiscation of vehicles by order of court, this announcement has come as a solace.

This deduction is applicable to Kerala registered vehicles who have dues from five years or more, as of January 1. This deduction is also applicable to those who have been paying a huge amount of tax for vehicles that have been lost or destroyed.

1. Goods carrier lorries, buses, cars-taxis and auto-taxis are eligible for an 80% deduction while private vehicles are eligible for a 70% deduction. For those goods carrier vehicles with dues of over five years now need to pay the dues plus 20% of the amount including additional taxes. But for those who have never paid the vehicle taxes since the time of registration of the vehicles are not eligible for this deduction.

2. The dues can be paid even if the vehicle has been lost/stolen or damaged. For this, it is not compulsory to submit the RC book, Insurance Certificate and the receipt showing the payment of the Welfare Fund. Either the owner, or someone authorized by the owner, need to submit an application. In such cases, after paying the tax, an affidavit must be submitted by the owner on a stamp paper worth Rs 100, in order to eliminate the chances of paying further dues.

Motor Vehicle Tax Reduced

3. The dues can be paid off even in cases where steps for the recovery of revenue has begun. In such cases, before clearing the dues, a request must be submitted to the district Collector for the withdrawing the recovered revenue. The benefit of this scheme is valid only till the 30th of June.
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Do i need to the pay the tax if i have scrapped my old motorycle which was not at all usable. I had disassembled the bike and gave it to different scrap dealers. If i had given the bike to a single scrap dealer, he could have repaired it somehow and sold to some other guy. So i have given the engine to one dealer, the frame to other and so on. But i haven't informed the RTO about scrapping the bike. I am worried that i might get a tax notification for the bike.
By on 09-01-2015

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