Kawasaki Ninja H2 Teaser Out

The motorcycle is to be exhibited for the fist time at the Intermot Show, Cologne

Seems like the Intermot show this month has more in store than any of the bike freaks could ever imagine. The bike enthusiasts all over the world just went crazy as Kawasaki released its new teaser about the much hyped urban myth Ninja H2. Kawasaki continues to amaze bikers while adhering to the proud tradition of Z1 Super Four and three cylinder H1 carrying it on to the mysterious H2. Teaser reveals only enough to have the vintage lovers eager and on their toes.

Company is anticipating much about the response on this one. Ninja H2 is said to have captured the spirit of the 1972 750cc Kawasaki Mach IV H2, nick named "The Wheelie King". Mac IV H2 played a revolutionary part in contributing to the "scarily-fast, good looking, no holds barred motorcycles" image of Kawasaki. Hence, Ninja H2 is expected to add to the glamor with its much loaded tag line "Built beyond belief". Mac IV H2 had a three cylinder two-stroke engine with an engine displacement of 748 cc while the new Ninja H2 might arrive with the much rumored super charged four cylinder engine.

Ninja H2

However the company seems to be extremely quiet about any details that might give away the aura of the product. Kawasaki's official press release defines H2 as "Drawing on skills and experience from experts within not just the company's motorcycle division but across its aerospace, gas turbine and other high-technology contemporary manufacturing disciplines as well, Kawasaki is anticipating huge international interest in the project that has evocatively been christened Ninja H2. Harnessing the power of the Kawasaki manufacturing group 'collective strength', the H2 will represent a unified engineering and state of the art technology approach."

We can only wait and see as the dream comes true on September 30th at Cologne, Germany.

Experience the mystery right here.

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