China fails to meet its target in electric vehicles sales

China which has overtaken U.S as the largest automobile market has had huge ambitions about spreading the Electric Vehicle usage around the country and lessen the dependency on fossil fuels. Now it has been reported that China set a goal three years ago of seeing the sales of at least 500,000 hybrid or all-electric cars and buses a year.

Latest reports says that they are falling short of their expected targets in the Electric automobile sales. It was mentioned that China has one of the most vibrant car markets in the world right now, attracting every major automaker.

According to reports, it is interesting how China is having so much trouble given how a super-rich elite seemingly can't get enough German luxury cars, showing they certainly have the incomes to afford hybrids or electrics.

It was also reported that China has some homegrown automakers like BYD that had planned to export electrics to the U.S. BYD established a U.S. beachhead in Los Angeles a few months ago, but now plans to limit its American electric efforts to rental car fleets and large vehicle.
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Last updated on 02-01-2012. Published on 02-01-2012.
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