TVS to launch automatic transmission scooters by 2013

TVS have now developed a revolutionary technology termed 'TVS Automatic Transmission' which boasts of enhancing fuel efficiency by as much as twenty percent when compared to the conventional technology deployed today. This technology is expected to be a great initiative.

This technology changes gears effortlessly through electronic control, automatically selecting the gear ratios for a particular riding condition. This makes the riding so easy and effortless.

This technology enables the engine to run at its most efficient RPM (revolutions per minute) for a of vehicle operating conditions, thereby maximizing the engine performance to achieve peak efficiency, overriding the requirement of a clutch.

"The objective of this technology development is to deliver a compact engine layout, that will deliver enhanced fuel efficiency and which is usable across product forms like scooter, motorcycles. This technology also delivers the lowest CO2 in scooters while providing for low board and space for luggage." said Harne Vinay Chandrakant, President, New Product Development, TVS Motor Company.
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Last updated on 29-12-2011. Published on 29-12-2011.
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