Cheap tyres from China causing great threat to Indian tyre industry

Indian tyre industry is a multi billion dollar industry which have been always looking upwards in their profit report is now seriously facing good competition from their Chinese counter parts as they are providing cheaper tyres in the market.

The Chairman of rubber board, Sheila Thomas said that the Indian rubber industry, including the tyre manufacturers, is facing threats from the cheap Chinese imports. However, she was of the opinion that this problem isn't persistently going to affect the Indian industry as the products produced in India are superior in quality than that of China but as off now these cheap imports from China are bothering the tyre industry a lot.

China, as always produces cheaper goods compared to the products from the Indian companies and as always these Chinese products doesn't have any guarantee about its quality. Local tyre manufacturers are the ones who are facing threats from the imports.

The Chairman of rubber board, Sheila Thomas also said that government will take considerable steps to help the rubber industry flourish and cut these temporary losses. Thomas also said that India is quiet superior not only when compared to china but also compared to rest of the world and so every major tyre manufacturing brand is coming to India.
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Last updated on 27-12-2011. Published on 27-12-2011.
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