Harley Davidson owners appeals Mumbai police to allow foreign helmets

In Mumbai, only ISI marked helmets are allowed to use. According to a report in The Times of India, Harley Davidson owners have appealed to the Mumbai traffic police to recognize helmets with American Department of Transportation (DOT) as foreign helmets are not allowed to use.

Police booked hundreds, including owners of foreign bikes who wear helmets by Australian, Italian and American authorities last month according to the instruction of Mumbai police commissioner Arup Patnaik who said to book all those who do not ISI marked helmet.

"The purpose of the police commissioner's directive was to send a strong message to those using cheap plastic helmets. But the cops carrying out the order have failed to understand that helmets certified by the DOT are among the safest in the world." said one of the Harley Davidson owner who was booked.

According to the standards laid down by the Bureau of Indian Standards, the shell of the helmet is required to be of non-metallic material. The retention system material for the chin strap and headband has to be sweat-resistant, non-irritant and not cause skin disease.

These helmets, conditioned by solvents, ultra-violet, heat and cold, are tested for impact absorption. But American standards are a bit different from those set by the Indians. The American Department of Transportation (DOT) rating is based on dropping the helmets from a height of ten feet. A stimulated head is placed inside the helmet to measure the of impact. The head cannot receive more than 400 G-force units on impact.
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