Steelbird New Helmet with Cooling Effect Priced Rs.1,349

SB-29 Two Tone is the helmet with cooling effect.

The brand which is well renowned for helmet manufacturing, Steelbird, launched a new helmet with cooling effect. The helmet has been named SB-29 Two Tone. It tags Rs.1,349. The SB-29, which is finished in matt is available in aggressive Red, Black, and Honda Grey /Black colors.

The all new helmet of Steelbird is coupled with a ventilation on top, which allows air to let in after pulling a small shutter attached to it. This makes an airflow in the helmet and gives a cool breeze to the rider. The helmet is so handy, especially in summer seasons. Moreover, it's an open face helmet. So keeping up the front glass does allow more flow of air in to the helmet. And this induces more breeze inside the helmet and to make head even cooler.

Steelbird helmet with cooling effect

Rather than the other helmets in this price range, the SB-29 comes with dual color, which makes the stuff more stunning to get paid attention. However, the new design may not satisfies those who want to have a standard appearance.

Steelbird helmet with cooling effect

The stylish helmet is unisex. It is lightweight as well. Still, it is hard and sturdy. Steelbird offers maximum safety for the SB-29. Being crafted out of high-impact ABS and thick EPS, the helmet is hardly breakable and maximum protection is assured during accidents. Being equipped with polycarbonate anti-scratch coated visor, the helmet keeps us away from dust and smoke, without obstructing vision. The visor's special coating also makes night riding possible.

Steelbird helmet with cooling effect
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it should have come up with a better design. looks like a crap.
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