Yamaha Introduces Men's Accessories for Ray Z

Included of sporty helmets and apparels

Along with the all new sporty scooter Ray Z, Yamaha also unveiled some unavoidable accessories for it. As the scooter is specially manufactured for and targeted the young men, the accessories do the same. The accessories are included of good no. of stuffs in different segments.

When Yamaha Ray was launched last year, the firm also launched Yamaha Ray accessories suiting the scooter and lady riders. The movement made by the company was a huge hit and boosted the sales of the consortium. Moreover, the firm enjoyed a new brand name in the world of accessories.

Yamaha Ray Z

The newly introduced accessories of the Ray Z are more than enough to make both the scooter and rider colourful. Its accessories are comprised of couple of seat covers- Sports Z and Basic Z, and a freaky floor mat.

Yamaha Ray Z Accessories

Then the apparels which are intended to beautify the rider are in the same package. They are included of a Z Premium Jersey Polo Purple T-Shirt, Z exlusive Dark Blue T-Shirt, Z-Soulful Rider Blue T-Shirt, Z Premium Jersey, Backpack, Z Blue wrist band, Gloves, and a Leather Keyring.

Yamaha Ray Z Accessories

The list doesn't end here. It is admitted of an array of helmets too. Well, the helmets aren't the same any more that are used by normal scooter riders. Since the scooter is sporty, the helmets are also gone sporty. The helmets come in two series, Sniper and Elite. Each series has 4 helmets each.

Yamaha Ray Z Accessories
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