Bangalore Blast: Bike Owner Caught

The bike's registration no. led to a retired telecom employee.

The case on the bomb blast that shook the whole Bangalore city on April, 17, 2013 is progressing. The Police arrested red handed the registered owner of the bike, which was used to explode the bomb. In the incident, 16 persons including 11 policemen, and 3 women were injured.

Tracing the bike registration number, the Bangalore city police have found out that the bike has been registered in the name of a person who lives in Tamil Nadu. However, his father, who is a retired telecom employee, said that the bike was no more theirs. He added that they had sold out the bike 4 years back while his son flew to the US after a job.

Policeman investigating the bike from the blast taken place at Bangalore

"The bike was in my son's name. It had been using in Bangalore. But we sold it about four years back, since my son left for the US", commented the bike owner's father. "I was really shocked when the Policemen hit the door", he added.

Notwithstanding, Police are yet to be confirmed whether the number plate was fake or not. The investigation is improving as the state police are coordinating with their counterparts in Karnataka and the National Investigation Agency.

The explosion accurately happened 100 meters diagonally opposite to the BJP office in Malleshwaram, Bangalore, at 10.30 AM. The blast was just ahead of the upcoming Karnataka Assembly elections.
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