Reevu Launches World's first Rear View Helmet, MSX 1

It is priced around Rs.21,500.

Premium motorcycle helmet manufacturer Reevu launched the world's first helmet with a built-in rear-view mirror, the MSX 1. Reevu MSX 1 is priced a whooping figure of $399 (approximately Rs. 21,500). The helmet allows the rider to have rear and 360 degree visuals without turning around his head. Earlier, Reevu had introduced this helmet in 2011. Nevertheless, it's for the first time the manufacturer is building production helmets. The helmet has been approved by DOT (Department of Transportation), which is the official firm of the US government that certifies DOT approval for the helmets.

How does Reevu MSX 1's rear-view work?
It is some scientific track behind the working of the MSX 1 helmet. The rear portion of the helmet is included of a reflective polycarbonate material rather than a glass. The company has purposefully used the polycarbonate material, because its hardly breakable, weighs less than the glass, and ensures safety and control to the rider. Whatever object comes behind the helmet is reflected through the polycarbonate mirror and passes through a series of reflective surfaces built into a tunnel (over rider's head) inside the helmet. This reflected image will be projected onto a mirror which is placed just above the eyebrow of the rider (inside the helmet).

Reevu MSX 1

What the rider needs to do is to make an effortless look upwards to the mirror given. The mirror can be adjusted side to side, and up and down. The interior guards are fully removable and washable.

Shortly, we can say that the helmet's rear-view works just like a car's rear-view system which is functioned by a rear camera fitted under the rear bumper and displays the motion pictures captured on the screen placed near to the driver's eye view. In case of helmets, the polycarbonate surface acts like the rear camera and the mirror does the job of display.

Reevu MSX 1

Reevu has already won patent for this rear-view technology. Since, the helmet is made out of tri-composite carbon fibreglass, Kevlar and synthetic hi-tenacity advanced fibre shell, maximum safety is assured. It is also equipped with anti-fog face shield.

However, the helmet owns a drawback, that it doesn't fit all rider's head exactly right. The alignment of the mirror is off, and there is no way to adjust it except some cheap adjustments. If there were an adjustment wheel to move the mirror front-to-back, it could be adjusted for a much wider fitment range.
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