Hero Motocorp Workers Plan Strike for Higher Wages

Will it be another Manesar incident?

Country's largest two wheeler manufacturer, Hero Motocorp is in mysterious trouble. Seeking higher wages, the workers of Hero in the Gurgaon plant has decided to employ an indefinite hunger strike until the demands of labours are accepted. The issue regarding the wage hike has been revolving since August 2012. And several unsuccessful negotiations were held between the management crew and the union leaders. As the union members demand an increment of up to Rs. 18,000 in the next three years, the management is willing to raise only a hike of Rs.7,500.

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"The management is just not ready to agree to our demands and this is not acceptable to us. Our patience is wearing out and our union leaders will go on an indefinite hunger strike, just like activist Anna Hazare, if the matter is not resolved soon," said a union member involved in the negotiation with the management.

"Hero MotoCorp has always given top priority to the overall welfare and well-being of all our workers. And we will strive to reach at a reasonable, sustainable and sensible settlement," commented a spokesperson of Hero Motocorp while asked about the attitude of the company in this issue.

Meanwhile, several union leaders from different labour unions of Gujarat have come forward to support the demand of the Hero workers. Justifying the demand provided by the union labours in the Gurgaon plant, the state union leaders say that the cost of living in a city, which is part of the National Capital Region (NCR) is reasonably higher. So there is no compromise other than the wage hike.

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The union labours point out that the company is slipping away from the demand proposed by them. And they feel fed up with continuous unsuccessful talks. So now they decided to go for an indefinite huger strike.

"If they do not agree to the increment levels suggested by us, we will have to go on strike," said President of Hero MotoCorp's Gurgaon labour union, Kanwalpreet Singh.

Precisely, the workers at the Gurgaon plant of Hero Motocorp are demanding a hike ranging between Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 18,000 over a three year period, which is much greater than the increment of Rs. 6,500 agreed with the workers of Dharuhera plant in 2011. So, it is unexpected to increase the wage of Gurgaon plant workers as they demand. Because, it will lead to another strike, but by the Dharuhera plant workers to increase their wages as well.
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