KYMCO Launches Groundbreaking Scooters at EICMA 2023: CV-L6 and SKYTOWN Set to Dominate Urban Travel

EICMA 2023 Exclusive: KYMCO Unveils Versatile and Stylish Scooters for Enhanced City Commuting and Adventure Riding

KYMCO has once again made headlines at EICMA 2023 with the introduction of its latest range of scooters, designed to cater to a variety of urban mobility needs. From the rugged CV-L6 to the sleek SKYTOWN, and the versatile i-Tuber series to the retro-inspired FILLY 50, KYMCO's new lineup promises a blend of convenience, efficiency, and adventure for riders across the spectrum.

Kymco Launches Scooters At Eicma 2023

KYMCO CV-L6: A New Adventure Awaits

The KYMCO CV-L6 emerges as a standout, merging the practicality of a Maxi Scooter with the adventurous spirit of an ADV. It's crafted for those who demand a seamless transition from the bustling city streets to the freedom of the open road. The CV-L6's design is a nod to inclusivity, accommodating various rider builds with its lightweight frame and lower seat height. Its expandable storage space is a testament to KYMCO's commitment to convenience without sacrificing the thrill of the ride.

Kymco Cv L6

SKYTOWN: Revolutionizing The Commute

For the urbanite, the SKYTOWN is KYMCO's answer to the daily grind. This compact scooter is powered by the innovative Green Power engine, boasting patented technologies for enhanced efficiency and performance. Its nimble construction is perfect for the urban jungle, offering a generous storage compartment within its compact frame. LED lighting and a high-visibility LCD panel not only add to its modern aesthetic but also prioritize rider safety.

Kymco Skytown

i-Tuber Series: The Business Of Freedom

Addressing the surge in E-commerce, KYMCO's i-Tuber series is tailored for the dynamic individual who juggles personal and business tasks. The i-Tuber and i-Tuber Carry models are equipped with a robust 4,000Wh hub motor and dual Ionex Batteries, striking a balance between speed and range. Designed with a focus on cargo capacity, these scooters are set to revolutionize 'last-mile delivery' services.

Kymco I Tuber Series

FILLY 50: Retro Charm Meets Modern Efficiency

The FILLY 50 is KYMCO's homage to the classic scooter, reimagined for today's eco-conscious rider. Lightweight and equipped with a fuel-efficient 50cc engine, the FILLY 50 is the quintessential choice for those seeking a blend of style and practicality for short commutes.

Kymco Filly 50

KYMCO's latest offerings at EICMA 2023 are a testament to the brand's innovative spirit and dedication to rider satisfaction. With these new models, KYMCO is set to redefine urban mobility and continue its legacy of delivering exceptional riding experiences.
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