Kymco EICMA 2023: The Filly 50 Revealed

Kymco's Latest Scooter Debut at EICMA 2023: Where Retro Meets Modern

At the much-anticipated EICMA 2023, Kymco made a significant impact with the reveal of their latest scooter, the Filly 50. This new entrant in the scooter segment stands out, offering an intriguing mix of retro appeal and modern functionality.

Kymco Filly 50 Revealed At Eicma 2023

EICMA 2023: A Stage For Kymco's Innovation:

Kymco's showcase at EICMA 2023, a pivotal event in the motorcycling world, was marked by the unveiling of the Filly 50. This model reflects Kymco's dedication to combining timeless design elements with present-day practicality. The Filly 50, a product of Kymco's extensive experience since 1963, steps into the neo-retro category, embodying style, affordability, and utility.

Performance And Efficiency:

In an era prioritizing fuel efficiency, the Filly 50 excels with its air-cooled, fuel-injected, four-stroke engine. It offers a modest power output of 2.1 kilowatts (approximately 2.8 horsepower), but its fuel economy of roughly 94 miles per gallon makes it a prime choice for budget and environmentally conscious riders.

Design And Functionality:

With its design taking cues from the vintage scooters of the 60s and 70s, the Filly 50's stylish bodywork is a nod to the past, while its features are firmly grounded in the present. It boasts 12-inch alloy wheels, full-LED lighting, and a USB socket, blending retro aesthetics with modern technology.

Kymco Filly 50 At Eicma 2023

Versatility For Every Rider:

The Filly 50, as presented at Kymco EICMA 2023, is designed to cater to a wide range of users, from students to professionals. It stands as an ideal solution for those seeking an effortless, cost-effective, and stylish way to navigate through urban settings.

Awaiting Further Details:

Post its EICMA 2023 debut, the scooter community is eagerly waiting for more information on the Filly 50's availability and pricing. The anticipation is high for this model to be a wallet-friendly option for a diverse range of scooter enthusiasts.


The Kymco Filly 50, showcased at EICMA 2023, exemplifies the evolution in urban transportation. It offers a perfect harmony of vintage charm and modern efficiency, appealing to those in search of style, sustainability, and affordability in their daily commute.
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