Motron Reveals 2023 Scooter Lineup: Budget-Friendly Options for City Riders

New Collection Includes Electric and Gas Models, Targets Varied License Classes

Motron, a brand under the umbrella of Austria's KSR Group, announces its latest scooter lineup for the year 2023. Known for affordable yet high-quality rides, the brand introduces four new scooter models designed for different kinds of riders. These rides are not just cost-efficient but also accessible, making them a perfect fit for those who want to cruise through city roads.

Motron Reveals 2023 Scooter Lineup

The 2023 lineup:

The latest Motron offerings cater to various licensing classes, such as AM, A1, and A2, making it a versatile choice for both novices and experienced motorcyclists. The lineup includes:

2023 Motron Ventura 125 Full Details

Motron Ventura 125:

The Ventura 125 boasts 16-inch wheels in the front and rear, allowing it to smoothly traverse uneven terrains like cobblestones or light gravel. Priced at approximately 2,599 Euros ($2,800), this scooter features ample under-seat storage and comes equipped with a 125cc engine.

Motron Breezy 50 Features

Motron Breezy 50:

The Breezy 50 is a nifty little moped equipped with a 50cc, four-stroke engine. With an impressive fuel economy of around 106 miles per gallon, this scooter can cover up to 125 miles on a single tank. Priced attractively at 1,699 Euros ($1,815), it is an economical choice for short commutes.

2023 Motron Ideo 125 Features

Motron Ideo 125:

The Ideo 125 offers a vintage feel, resembling scooters like Vespa, but at a much friendlier price point. Retailing for 2,299 Euros ($2,456), the Ideo 125 is available in Rock Gray and Carbon Black.

2023 Motron Ventura 125 Full Details

Motron Voltz:

The Voltz is Motron's first electric scooter, weighing a mere 64 kilograms. It runs on a 2,000-watt Bosch brushless direct motor and can reach speeds up to 28 miles per hour. Priced at 1,999 Euros ($2,135), its battery offers a 30-mile range on a single charge.

2023 Motron Ideo 125 Specifications


Motron's 2023 lineup provides a multitude of options for riders interested in cost-effective and functional scooters. Whether you're looking for something rugged, efficient, or even electric, Motron has you covered.
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