Ducati and Bentley's Remarkable Collaboration: The Exclusive Diavel V4 Limited Edition

A Fusion of Automotive Artistry: Ducati's Latest Diavel V4, Inspired by Bentley's Batur

Introducing the Diavel V4 Limited Edition: Ducati's Latest Marvel

In a groundbreaking collaboration, Ducati has recently introduced the Diavel V4 Limited Edition, a masterpiece inspired by the luxurious Bentley Batur. This marks a significant alliance within the Volkswagen Group, showcasing an exquisite blend of motorcycling and automotive excellence.

Ducati And Bentley Collaboration For Limited Edition

Design and Aesthetics: A Tribute to the Bentley Batur

The Diavel V4 Limited Edition is a visual treat, mirroring the elegance of the Bentley Batur. The motorbike flaunts a unique Scarab Green shade, a signature of Bentley's Mulliner Palette. The design synergy extends to the bike's forged wheels, mirroring those on the Batur.

Ducati Diavel V4 Limited Edition

Ducati's Centro Stile and Bentley's design team have meticulously reshaped key components, including the air intakes, front mudguard, fairing, and fuel tank. These modifications ensure a cohesive aesthetic that pays homage to the $2.1 million Batur.

Ducati And Bentley Diavel V4 Limited Edition

Exclusive Production and Availability

Ducati plans to produce only 550 units of this Bentley-branded Diavel, a contrast to the limited 18 Batur grand tourers by Bentley. Out of these, 500 will be standard Diavel V4s inspired by Batur, priced at approximately $70,000 each. The remaining 50 units, named "Diavel for Bentley Mulliner," are exclusively reserved for Bentley Mulliner customers. These select few will have the privilege to customize their motorcycles with a choice of color and trim, along with additional optional features. The Mulliner Diavel V4 is priced around $90,000.

Ducati And Bentley Remarkable Collaboration

Conclusion: A Milestone in Automotive Collaboration

This partnership between Ducati and Bentley is not just about creating a limited edition motorcycle; it's an emblem of luxury, design, and engineering. It represents a unique moment where two-wheel and four-wheel luxury vehicles converge, offering an exclusive experience for automotive enthusiasts.

Ducati Diavel V4 Limited Edition Color
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