Niu Ventures into Electric Dirtbikes with XQi3 Launch

Unveiling Niu's XQi3: A Fusion of Urban and Off-Road Electric Mobility


The electric motorcycle landscape has gained a new and thrilling entrant: the Niu XQi3 electric dirt bike. Niu, a renowned Chinese manufacturer primarily known for its electric scooters and urban commuters, has recently expanded its expertise into the electric dirt bike segment. The XQi3 was prominently showcased at EICMA 2023, signaling a significant shift in the electric two-wheeler market.

Niu Xqi3 Showcased

A New Player in the Electric Arena

Exploring the XQi3's Innovations

Niu’s XQi3 is not just another electric bike; it's a symbol of the brand's expansion into new territories. With its dual-purpose design, the XQi3 is adept in both city streets and rugged off-road terrains. It embodies a multifaceted, all-terrain philosophy with its groundbreaking design and technology.

Niu Xqi3 Features

Power and Performance

The Heart of the XQi3

Under the hood, the XQi3 electric dirt bike is a powerhouse. It features an 8000-watt mid-mounted electric motor, equivalent to about 11 horsepower. This motor is paired with a robust 72V, 32 amp-hour lithium-ion battery supplied by LG. Such a combination promises not only raw power but also an eco-friendly, silent performance - a must-have in today’s urban landscapes.

Niu Xqi3 Full Details

Features and Functionality

Advanced Technology for the Modern Rider

The XQi3 doesn't stop at mere power. It’s equipped with an Ultra Boost mode, designed for instant torque and thrilling rides. The bike boasts high-performance suspension components, ensuring unparalleled control and adaptability across different terrains. Additionally, the bike's large tires and hydraulic disc brakes reinforce its off-road and urban versatility.

Niu Xqi3

Smart Technology Integration

Enhancing the Riding Experience

Niu has integrated several cutting-edge features in the XQi3. Riders can enjoy a lap time mode and map tracking for adventurous off-road journeys. The bike also comes with NFC-powered security features, allowing riders to lock and unlock their bikes remotely. Such functionalities position the XQi3 as a next-generation off-road motorcycle.

Pricing and Availability

Getting Your Hands on the XQi3

Priced at an MSRP of $5,999, the Niu XQi3 is an accessible option for enthusiasts of electric off-road biking. It meets the compliance standards for US M1 and M2, as well as European L1e motorcycle licenses, and is fully street legal.

Niu Xqi3 Launched


Niu's Bold Step into a New Realm

The Niu XQi3 electric dirt bike marks a pivotal moment for the brand and the electric motorcycle industry. By blending urban mobility with off-road prowess, Niu sets a new standard for electric two-wheelers. The XQi3 is not just a bike; it's a statement of innovation, versatility, and the future of eco-friendly transportation.
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