Suzuki Unveils Fresh Color Schemes for 2024 Motorcycle Range at Motorcycle Live 2023

Exciting New Hues for GSX-8S, GSX-S1000GT, and More


The latest Motorcycle Live event has been a spectacle of innovation and style, especially with Suzuki's announcement of new color updates for its 2024 motorcycle lineup. This move marks a significant step in keeping their models visually appealing and on-trend.

Suzuki New Colors 2024 Models

GSX-8S - A Fresh Coat for the Sports Naked Segment

Revamped Aesthetics

The Suzuki GSX-8S, known for its robust 776cc parallel twin-cylinder engine, now sports a new 'Glass Matt Mechanical Grey' color. This addition enhances its visual appeal, complementing the existing 'Cosmic Blue.' Additionally, the 2024 model of the GSX-8S in 'Metallic Matt Black' will feature a striking blue subframe, blue wheels, and '8S' logos, adding a splash of color to the design.

Suzuki Gsx 8s 2024

GSX-S1000GT Series - Elegance Meets Performance

Evolving Color Palette

The GSX-S1000GT and GT+ are not left behind in this color revolution. For 2024, these models will be available in a sleek 'Sparkle Black', along with the existing 'Metallic Triton Blue' and an eye-catching all-red option. These choices underscore Suzuki's commitment to offering variety and personalization to its customers.

Suzuki Gsx1000gt 2024

Gsx1000gt Plus 2024

GSX-S1000 - Classic With a Modern Twist

A Nostalgic Touch

In a nod to its rich heritage, the 2024 GSX-S1000 will feature white side panels and blue stripes on the 'Metallic Triton Blue' model, reminiscent of Suzuki's classic liveries. A new 'Matt Sword Silver' color, complete with red side panels and seat unit, will also be available, alongside a 'Glass Sparkle Black' option, giving enthusiasts more choices to express their style.

Suzuki Gsx S1000 2024

Address 125 - Retro Style Redefined

Expanding the Color Spectrum

The Suzuki Address 125 scooter, known for its retro charm, will add a 'Metallic Matt Platinum Silver' to its color range, which already includes 'Metallic Dark Blue' and 'Metallic Matt Bordeaux Red'. This addition further enhances its appeal to riders who prefer a classic yet contemporary look.

Suzuki Address 125 2024

Exhibition at Motorcycle Live

All these new colors will be showcased at the Motorcycle Live 2023 event, running until 26 November. This exhibition is a fantastic opportunity for motorcycle enthusiasts to get an up-close look at Suzuki's latest offerings.


Suzuki's introduction of new color schemes for its 2024 motorcycle range demonstrates the brand's dedication to keeping its lineup fresh, stylish, and appealing to a wide range of riders. The updates are a blend of modern aesthetics and nods to Suzuki's heritage, making them an exciting prospect for both new and loyal customers.
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