CFMOTO Unleashes 800NK ADVANCED: The Next-Gen Motorcycle Redefining Tech and Performance

The Motorcycle World Welcomes a Tech-Infused Powerhouse as CFMOTO Debuts Its Latest NK Series Marvel

Motorcycle enthusiasts, take note CFMOTO has enriched its NK portfolio with the cutting-edge 800NK ADVANCED. While retaining the aesthetics and quality of its SPORT variant, this flagship bike emerges as a beacon of modern technology and efficiency.

Cfmoto Unleashes 800nk Advanced

Fresh tech innovations

What truly distinguishes the 800NK ADVANCED is its spectrum of contemporary features. From no-key ignition to smart headlights that light the path back to your home, this bike has it all. Add to that the compatibility with Apple CarPlay and an atmospheric status light, and you're looking at a ride that's as clever as it is cool.

Cfmoto 800nk Features

Craftsmanship and maneuverability

Slightly bulkier than the SPORT version due to the extra tech gear, this machine makes up for its weight with exceptional build quality. With its chrome-molybdenum alloy steel backbone, this ride offers a harmonic blend of sturdiness and agility, tailoring its behavior to the rider's needs.

Cfmoto 800nk Details

The motor's might

Housing a Euro5 compliant twin-cylinder engine, the bike generates an impressive horsepower and torque output. This powerful unit ensures that the bike doesn't just stroll but sprints through the streets, offering a broad and smooth power curve.

Cfmoto 800nk Comfort

Superior ride comfort

Designed with top-of-the-line suspension parts, including adjustable KYB components, the 800NK ADVANCED maintains a plush ride without sacrificing athletic handling. Its choice of MAXXIS rubber and featherweight wheels further emphasizes its commitment to dynamic performance.

Cfmoto 800nk Colours

Intelligent riding assistance

Beyond sheer performance, CFMOTO also focuses on the individual rider. Offering a series of digital ride modes to adapt to different road conditions and rider preferences, the 800NK ADVANCED also features an intuitive quickshifting mechanism and slipper clutch, making gear changes more effortless and secure.

Cfmoto 800nk Price

Unprecedented connectivity

Tech-savvy bikers will appreciate the machine's advanced software capabilities. Utilizing the CFMOTO RIDE smartphone application, riders have a multitude of customization options at their fingertips. From fatigue reminders to dashboard tweaks, this machine truly defines the 'smart bike' category.

Cfmoto 800nk Specs

Availability and cost

The 800NK ADVANCED will roll out to authorized CFMOTO dealers by mid-October 2023. With a competitive price tag of £7,499.00 OTR, customers can choose between Zircon Black and Nebula White shades.
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