The Big Dog Chopper Motorcycles are now available in India

‘Big Dog’ debuts the Indian market with their best selling K9 Red Chopper priced at INR 59 lakh.

Americans are fond of Choppers. To them motorcycles should be stubborn and bold enough to take any roads or streets. Big Dog Motorcycle is one such American brand, who used to manufacture semi-custom, mid-priced choppers and supplied to the Global market according to the demand. The latest news from this Kansas based company is that, they have entered the Indian market with one of their prominent model “The K9 Red Chopper”.

Big Dog has been in the market for the last two decades, with their range of products in unique design and luxury. And now India will be able to get their hands on these luxury crafted piece of engineering. The founder of Big Motorcycle Company Mr. Samar JS Sodhi said, “I am extremely delighted that this K9 Red Chopper (aka ‘One of One’) custom made motorcycle is now in India. For decades I was planning to land this motorcycle in India and i believe this motorcycle will attract the right rider who is looking for a unique motorcycle, which will make its presence felt on the road”.

Big Dog K9 Red Chopper

The Big Dog K9 Red Chopper-111 sits on a mighty 1807cc, S&S SuperSidewinder, 45 degree V-twin chrome polished engine. Power is transmitted through a 6-speed gearbox to the rear wheels using a diamond endless-link chain drive. Some of the figures of this motorcycle is fascinating, like it weighs around 475 kg, it has a 250 mm rear tyre and this motorcycle is 10-foot long. A 41 mm telescopic fork at the front is the only suspension this ‘K9’ features. The frame work of this model is a 39-degree stretch, capped with a sweeping steel one-piece tank. Braking system comprises of discs at both ends held by 4-piston calipers.

K9 Red Chopper

'One of One' is built under the guidance of Kansas Motorcycle Works. This model is available at a staggering Rs. 59 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi). The Big Dog offers 69 paint and graphic options and a wide range of accessories like custom seats, exhaust pipes, grips, storage bags, bars and windshields to choose from.

K9 Red Chopper Mighty Chrome Finish Engine

The introduction of Big Dog in the Indian market marks the beginning of a new era in the motorcycle industry and this would be the first of many brands to come.
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