Triumph Tiger 800 XCA Launched In India

Triumph's top of the line off-road motorcycle in the XC series launched at a price of Rs 13.75 lakhs

Triumph has decided to take the road not taken, and for this, they're bringing a machine that's all too familiar with the terrain and a mindset that asks for it to be tortured. The British motorcycle manufacturer has officially launched the Tiger 800 XCA in India. A bike that's most certainly suited to off-road conditions, but with a premium makeover. XCA would be the highest offering from Triumph, the other contenders in the XC series will follow the XCA.

Triumph Tiger 800 XCA

Designed to offer maximum comfort and rider satisfaction while not sacrificing on power or vehicle dynamics, the XCA would turn out as the go-to bike for any off-road loving enthusiast. Powered by Triumph's conventional 800cc in-line 3-cylinder engine, it churns out 95 PS of power and 79 Nm of Torque, and the entire power plant is mated to a 6-speed transmission, guaranteeing a smooth and effortless ride. What's more, the XCA features several riding modes that can be switched on the go to suit the kind of terrain being driven on. It also has inbuilt throttle maps, switchable ABS for the rider who likes to live life on the edge, cruise and traction control as well. Unlike many other off-roader bikes in the market, Triumph has dedicated itself to grant the XCA a status that demands attention. Linking the XCA from all points of its being is a ride-by-wire system, much like the system found in aircraft. To be a good off-road bike, it would be pointless without a good suspension unit, and taking all the pounding from the ground below is a light but heavy-duty Showa suspension setup that guarantees superior comfort while being ridden on terrain that might as well be filled with moon like craters. What makes the XCA even more desirable is the advantage of its own mini-powerhouse, a 650 W alternator that could probably light up a town. It powers the bike's lights, GPS systems and also its featured heated seats, both for rider and pillion, and the heated grips as well.

Triumph Tiger 800 XCA off-road

Triumph is a name that associates itself to quality, durability and riding satisfaction with an infuse of good motorcycle riding spirit, and the Tiger 800 XCA seems to be built in view of those qualities. To own one of these means to be naturally entitled to a piece of history, a status symbol that sets yourself apart. Priced at Rs 13.75 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi), this machine demands no less and could deliver better than the best.
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