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Regal Raptor Sets Foot In India

Unveils three cruiser based models

Regal Raptor, a Chinese motorcycle manufacturer has unveiled three models that will go on sale in the Indian Market.

Regal Raptor and Fabulous and Beyond Motors, a subsidiary of Fabulous and Beyond Enterprises had earlier entered into an agreement to manufacture and distribute motorcycles in nine countries from the Asian sector that includes developed and emerging markets. Regal Raptor has a fairly good history of motorcycle making and traces back 25 years to China from where it all began. The manufacturing facility received a tremendous financial investment and FAB Motors had said that the Phase-1 of manufacturing operations will be set to produce almost 500 units a month. The three models launched in India are the Daytona 350, DD 350E Spyder and the Bobber 350. Keep in mind that these are not performance bikes and are primarily cruiser motorcycles meant for the thrills of long and easy rides.

Daytona 350

This motorcycle comes off as a modern day cruiser equipped with all the right pieces. Spoked alloy wheels with dual disc brakes in the front and a single disc at the rear. Black matte finish/chrome finish all over the bike add to the cruiser appeal and a dual exhaust that runs all the way to the rear wheel and large foot pegs for added comfort during long rides certainly makes itself clear that it is made to serve its purpose. Tubeless tires run on either end of the bike. The entire bike sits on a metal frame and the maximum weight of the whole structure stands at 180kg. Ground clearance is fairly at 140mm. Fuel tank capacity is at 15 litres. The bike has no ABS.

Daytona 350

DD350E Spyder

An American Chopper. Anything too less or too much said about this bike would not suit the definition for this one and from the styling alone, one can clearly comprehend how much of the American chopper inspiration influenced this bike in its design. Again, cast alloy wheels and a xero drag handlebar and generous helpings of chrome all over the bike extends the attractive nature of this motorcycle. The bike is longer than the other bikes offered by Regal Raptor in India (2600mm). However, this chopper coupled with the attractive styling elements should make heads turn while out on the roads.

DD350E Spyder

Bobber 350

The Bobber could be termed as the iconic symbol of motorcycle customization in US history. The earliest Bobbers were mainly bikes that were owned by soldiers and after the war, they decided to shed some weight off the motorcycle. The result was a 'bobbed' or partially stripped version of a motorcycle. The Regal Raptor Bobber couldn't fare any better and the looks are stunning. Raised handle bar, spoked alloy wheels, twin discs at the front, a small fuel tank and a low single saddle with all of the engine components proudly displayed in the underbelly entirely finished in black matte seriously makes the Bobber 350 stand up to its name. As a Bobber, weight is something that needs to be carefully looked at and Regal Raptor has done a good job at making the bike lighter by 25kg.

Bobber 350

All of the three models that go on sale share the same engine and it is a 320cc, liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, twin-cylinder with Fuel Injection. Power rating is at 22.7 hp @ 8500 RPM and 22 Nm of Torque at 6500 RPM. Claimed top speed stands at 130 km/h and can do 0-60 in 3.5s. The engine will be mated to a 5-speed gearbox.

The three models that will go on sale at the Hyderabad showroom are CBU imports and so, pricing is evidently on the heavier side. At a time when the Indian cruiser segment is being ruled by Royal Enfields and Harley Davidsons alike, pricing of products from auto manufacturers from around the world in India is critical and one of the chief factors to influence sales figures. According to ex-showroom figures, the DD350E costs Rs 2.96 lacs, Bobber 350 at Rs 3.22 lacs and Daytona 350 at Rs 3.33 lacs.

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Last updated on 08-06-2015. Published on 08-06-2015.
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