Honda CBR 250R Police Model Revealed

A special edition motorcycle for police patrolling.

India's second leading two-wheeler manufacturer, Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India (HMSI) unveiled the CBR 250R Police variant at the 16th Indian International Security Expo 2013, in Delhi. The Police model design of the CBR 250R comes with no different specifications and performance, but with some added and useful features that policemen can use while patrolling in days and nights.

The Police edition CBR 250R is crafted by Honda in a collaboration with Grand, a US electronics manufacturer.

Honda CBR 250R Police Model

What are the special features of honda CBR 250R Police model?
The CBR 250R comes with some extra added features and they are the following.

1. Lights: The bike is mated with high efficiency LED lights, red and blue beacon lights, collapsible pole lights and a torch light to help police officers to read and write at night. This costs only least battery usage.

2. Police Siren: It comes with police siren which is attached to P A (Public Address) system. P A system) is an electronic sound amplification and distribution system with a microphone, amplifier and loudspeakers. It is used to address a large public within no time.

3. Utility Box: It allows to keep and to carry out documents safely.

4. Helmet: Honda has also designed a special helmet which is mated with a hands-free microphone and speaker, so that Policemen can get in touch with his crew all the way.

Honda CBR 250R Police Model

The CBR 250R Police variant comes only in Tricolor (white, blue, red).
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