Harley Davidson Unveils 2014 Line-up with Updates Titled Project Rushmore

Project Rushmore brings you 8 refurbishing HD models.

When time clocks updates become compulsory to keep up the top position. And changes occur everywhere and for everything. So is the American ultra premium motorcycle builder, Harley Davidson. As a result of the studies conducted by HD experts on hundreds of riders, dozens of hours, and thousands of miles, HD makers had summed to bring out innovative and renascent changes in the 2014 line-up of Harley Davidson Touring motorcycles. Here you meet up with the new changes HD engineers have done to take the firm next to anyone in the world.

Harley Davidson has crafted the line-up under the title 'Project Rushmore', echoing the theme 'the next HD motorcycles built by all of us for all of us'. The Road King, Street Glide, Street Glide Special, Street Glide Ultra Classic, Street Glide Ultra Limited, CVO Limited, CVO Road King, and the Trike variant Tri-Glide Ultra are the machines undergone gorgeous modifications.

2014 Harley Davidson Line-up Project Rushmore

The Road King starts at $18,249, Street Glide at $20,399, Street Glide Special at $22,499, Street Glide Ultra Classic at $23,249, Street Glide Ultra Limited at $25,899, CVO Road King at $28,499, and the CVO Limited at $38,999. While the Trike variant Tri-Glide Ultra tags $32,549.

More importantly, it lets the riders to keep hands on bars, legs on foot rests, buttock on saddle, and eyes on road.

Daymaker LED Headlight
2014 Harley Davidson Project Rushmore Daymaker LED Headlight

It is brought to be the next best thing to the sun. The Daymaker LED headlight with a burning 2,136 powerful, daylight-simulating lumens headlamp, that projects to 450 feet and spreads to 160 feet, makes feel a sunlight-sub in the darkness. It of course tempts you to ride longer for you see farther even in the midnight.

The Electra Glide Ultra Classic and the Tri-Glide get the Daymaker LED Headlights.

Twin-Cooled High Output Twin Cam 103 Engine
2014 Harley Davidson Project Rushmore Twin-Cooled High Output Twin Cam 103 Engine

The all new twin cooling systems cools the hearts of HD machine under any condition and temperature. Meanwhile, it doesn't drop down the fuel efficiency and the performance of the bike. Riding a motorcycle engined around the Twin-Cooled High Output Twin Cam 103 Engine, you may probably say that there has never ever been such an engine that feels quite this awesome.

The Electra Glide Ultra Limited, Electra Glide Ultra Classic and the Tri-Glide are the models equipped with Twin-Cooled High Output Twin Cam 103 Engine.

Dual Halogen Headlight
2014 Harley Davidson Project Rushmore Dual Halogen Headlight

Under the 'Project Rushmore', the all new Dual Halogen Headlights bring you 986 lumens to light up the darkest side of the roads under the moon and howl. This really inspires you to go farther and to be a nocturnal.

The Road King and the Street Glide carries the new dual halogen headlights.

LED Rear Lighting
2014 Harley Davidson Project Rushmore LED Rear Lighting

It's truly an attention seeker. Not only looks dashing, but also tempts the passers to have a stare on the motorcycle.

The Electra Glide Ultra Classic, Electra Glide Ultra Limited, and the CVO Limited are the machines run here.

Reflex Linked Brakes with ABS
2014 Harley Davidson Project Rushmore Reflex Linked Brakes with ABS

It works regardless to surfaces you ride your machine. HD credits that this is the best braking system the company has built in their long 110 year journey of motorcyclism. Linked dynamically and electronically to rear and front, when the brake is applied hard and you want to stop at the right spot, optimum braking power is achieved. And along with ABS, you get least worried on sandy and slippy terrains.

It is applicable for all tourers under the HD brand.

Voice Command
2014 Harley Davidson Project Rushmore Voice Command

Ride hard, play hard and hear hard. With the Voice Command installed under 'Project Rushmore' you can just command the song you need to be played. A 6.5 inch touchscreen is also provided to make it even simpler.

The Ultra Limited, Street Glide Special, Tri Glide Ultra, and the Electra Glide Ultra Classic feature Voice Command.

Intuitive hand Controls
2014 Harley Davidson Project Rushmore Intuitive hand Controls

Inputting larger switches to get accessed easily, HD ensures to have a leisure trip all the way. Moreover, the addition of two new joysticks toggle through menus assists you further to better ride.

Stay Connected
2014 Harley Davidson Project Rushmore Stay Connected

Make or attend phone calls. Being connected with your smartphone, you can get accessed to phone calls, music, and navigation (GPS). It is the first and only integrated voice command and touchscreen system to get connected with calls, music, and GPS.

Jukebox Shelf
2014 Harley Davidson Project Rushmore Jukebox Shelf

A four-bar-linkage to keep your Android, iPhone, iPod, Windows, and other compatible devices. Here your device gets connected and music is played then. Touchscreen and voice command work here. When the device is connected, it is being charged. So no more worries on battery life. The Jukebox Shelf is water-resistant as well, which holds your expensive smart device even in peak rainfalls.

2014 Harley Davidson Project Rushmore Bluetooth

Bluetooth allows you to get connected. It's more than business here and you're connected at highway speeds, just like HD machines gallop along the highways.

Boom! Box 6.5GT Audio System
2014 Harley Davidson Project Rushmore Boom! Box 6.5GT Audio System

Boom! Box 6.5GT Radio, 25 watts per channel at 1% distortion, integrated satellite radio, and a factory-tuned optimized equalizer are all in to give you the best quality sound even when the bike moves. That is a new speed tuning system is attached to output the best.

GPS Gas Alert
2014 Harley Davidson Project Rushmore GPS Gas Alert

It just happens when we take our motorcycle for a long ride that the fuel tank may get empty. With GPS Gas Alert, the system alarms when fuel is down and navigates the rider to the nearest petrol station.

Splitstream vent
2014 Harley Davidson Project Rushmore Splitstream vent

Now less wind knocks your head. It has reduced head buffeting by 20 percent. This will inspire you to ride to more windy areas. Because, you have just got a bi-wheeler which is compatible for all conditions.

Passenger Comfort
2014 Harley Davidson Project Rushmore Passenger Comfort

HD heard the prayers of pillion riders. Now, they are treated like kings. Wider and deeper seat with arm and back rest in a better ergonomics. Saddle bags got moved a bit downwards to reward the pillion's freedom to the fullest.

Triple Vent System Jacket
2014 Harley Davidson Project Rushmore Triple Vent System Jacket

Following scientific methods the Triple Vent System Jacket ensures better airflow. It takes the wind and leaves gradually to your skin. This keeps your body cool all the way.
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