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Harley-Davidson is the most powerful cruiser bike in the world. It is a known fact that most of the bikes, especially the super bikes are mainly addressing the male icon. Recently, a lady step up to the Harley-Davidson family by breaking all concepts. She is none other than Sheeja Mathews, HR professional working in an MNC in Bangalore. Sheeja, 34 years old is bestowed as the first Indian women to own the American super bike, Harley-Davidson. She ordered 'Harley-Davidson Iron 883' model in February 2011. Most of the people believe that women can't be as good in bike riding, as men. This blind belief has been replaced by Sheeja, who had taken it as a challenge to show even women can ride bikes same as the men folk. Sheeja is an inspiring factor to those women who feel burnout.

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Sheeja likes bikes since childhood and it is her main hobby too. She started her passion for riding at the age of 15 on her father's bike. She is an avid biker and also crazy upon adventurous sports like drag racing. Drag racing is a straight track motorcycle competition over a measured distance of 402.3 metre. Over a decade she rode her passion with Yamaha Rajdoot 350 which was owned by her husband. Sheeja Mathews is the mother of an 8 year old boy, Roy. After owning the Harley-Davidson she is the person who drops her son to school and Roy feels enthusiastic and proud in front of friends and teachers. She goes for shopping and for long rides on weekends with her Harley. Since she finds it hard to daily commute over Harley through the dense traffic in Bangalore, she has made it once in a week to office.

She bought the Harley-Davidson Iron 883 for Rs. 8 lacs (on road price). The Ex-showroom price is 6.5 lacs. Harley-Davidson Iron 883 has an 883cc 4 stroke engine. It is one of the most popular bikes from the company and the cheapest among the class. This model offers a mileage of 20 kmpl. It is available only in black denim colour. It provides a good balance and stability to the rider with a wheelbase of 1510 mm. In short, it renders pain-less comfort experience to the commuter. Short seat is the only demerit part of this model.

Sheeja is a star among strong women. She is a proud factor to all Indian women especially Keralites. She is from Kerala and belongs to Vakathanam, in Kottayam district. Sheeja is not concerned about the weight of the bike. As she is not a size zero chick, she can easily handle the real heavy macho, Harley-Davidson. It also offers a high safety feature. According to her, it was not a surprising factor to see lady riding bikes. Nowadays we can see an increase in lady bikers with Bullets and Pulsars. Sheeja is unaware of the fact that she is t he first lady who acquired the iconic cult motorcycle, Harley-Davidson in India. She came to know the fact from the company people. Sheeja gave a feminine touch to Harley-Davidson in India.

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She also concentrates on her costumes while riding. She has a group of accessories which goes with Harley like leather jackets, helmet, boots and gloves. She is planning to own another Harley-Davidson, 'Fat boy' a 1500cc monster with in 5 years which costs 18 lacs. Sheeja had never thought of buying any other super bikes in India. She firmly believes that Harley-Davidson is the ultimate motorcycle than any other super bikes in India.

Harley-Davidson was launched in India last year (Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore). In India Harley-Davidson's price ranges from Rs. 5.5 lacs to 38.66 lacs (ex-showroom Delhi).
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