Ugliest Bikes Ever Launched In India

Here we are listing out few bikes that launched in India with worst aesthetics

The motorcycles are considered to be one of the inevitable modes of transportation for the people in India. Factors like road condition and economic feasibility are the two driving factors that have made the motorcycles most preferred means of commuting in India. Therefore, India is flooded with numerous domestic and international brands with their two-wheeler models in different size and shapes. These two-wheelers can be classified into many types based on their engine type, purpose and design features. The primary target of every maker is to develop their model as unique as possible which could attract the buyers. However, things won't work out as predicted. Some wrong decision making would lead them to produce some of the worst models. Therefore, in this article section, we are listing out some of the ugliest bikes that ever launched in India.

Hero Karizma ZMR

Karizma ZMR

When the world's largest two-wheeler maker Hero Honda rolled out their flagship model Karizma in 2003, it was opening a new phase in the Indian motorcycling culture. From head to tail, the bike looked stunning and all the youngsters were after this bike. It was the first 220cc bike to be launched by the Hero. Later in 2014, Hero introduced a remapped version of Hero Karizma ZMR with the design inspired from the EBR 1190. No other brands would dare to change the design of their flagship model to such piteous way. Apart from the engine and gearbox, there is nothing good on this bike. From the front and tail, the bike looks pathetic. However, the demand for old Karizma is at its peak in the second-hand sale market, while the production unit is struggling for a grip.

Splendor Pro Classic

Splendor Pro Classic

This particular bike is the another example of how to ruin an iconic motorcycle. The Cafe Racers are considered to be one of the classic machines on the planet. When the world's largest bike maker Hero MotoCorp decided to turn it around in a cheaper version, it was a total disaster. The Hero Splendor happens to be the best selling and most popular commuter bikes of all time. Hero speculated a total change over for this commuter brand with the launch of Splendor Pro Classic. However, in 2017 they discontinued Splendor Pro Classic with a bunch of their failed models.

Hero Passion Pro TR

PAssion Pro TR

This happens to be the weirdest bike one could ever see. Luckily, I never saw one with my bare eyes. Actually, is there any potential customers for this bike? For God sake, I will not recommend this bike even to enemies. This funny faced metal is such a disgrace for the Hero family. When Hero decided to develop an off-road motorcycle with greater fuel efficiency, it came out in the form of Passion Pro TR. IT is the same old Passion Pro with a grill fitted on its mouth, high raised front fender, knuckle guard, crossbar and engine shield. Interestingly, the makers even forget to change the suspension, seat and the tyres to go off-roading. Later, Hero discontinued this model as well.

Yamaha Libero


Launched in 2003, Libero was the flagship model of the Yamaha in those days. This 105cc, 4-stroke bike had an awkward front fairing, which Yamaha had replaced with a round headlamp in the next iteration. Later, the Libero was remapped as Libero G5 with much better design and firing.

Yamaha Fazer 125

Fazer 125

Yamaha employed Fazer as their sports tourer motorcycle. It was based on their model Libero featuring a different twin-pod headlamp and different fairings. This bike features a unique headlamp which looks like the eye of a dragonfly. The Fazer 125 gets much powerful, 123.7cc, 4-stroke engine making it as one of the powerful bikes of those days.

Bajaj Byk

Bajaj Byk

Launched in early 2000, it was Bajaj's out of the box design to target Indian youth. Powered by a 92.2cc engine, it was a moped featured in motorcycle body. Within few months after the launch, Bajaj was forced to withdraw this model from the market due to less demand. Despite the fact that it looks weird, the Byk manages to deliver a mileage of 90 to 95 kmpl.

Bajaj Kristal

Bajaj Kristal

Kristal is the second new age scooter to be made by the Bajaj following the footsteps of Bajaj Wave. It was launched in 2007 to undertake the ladies scooter market dominated by the TVS Scooty. This was made in lightweight fiber body underpinning 94.8cc, 4-stroke DTS-i engine delivering a mileage over 50kmpl. Like the Bajaj Wave, Kristal too was a big failure in the market. This scooter was inspired by the much popular TVS Scooty. However, it doesn't have any appealing cosmetics to attract the audience. Having setback in the automatic scooter market with the Wave and Kristal, Bajaj never developed any scooters later.

Suzuki Zeus

Suzuki Zeus

Launched in 2004, Zeus was 125cc commuter targeting day to day riders. At the heart of Zeus, a 124cc, single cylinder, 4-stroke engine delivers a maximum power of 8.5 bhp and top torque of 10 Nm @ 3500 rpm. With a top speed of 101 kmph, it was also one of the best fuel efficient bikes of those days. Suzuki followed a simple design language to this bike by keeping everything to the basics. However, the headlamp of the Zeus wasn't so convincing. Later, Suzuki discontinued this model due to the poor performance.

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