Ferrari-Powered Wazuma V8 quad bike

Lazareth's Wazuma V8F features a 3.0L Ferrari V8 engine, a handlebar-controlled BMW gearbox, and custom shocks by EMC.

Custom car and motorcycle maker Lazareth - based in Annecy, France - is no stranger to demanding top prices for its custom creations, and has quite an exotic vehicle pedigree that includes designing and building the FZR Turbo motorcycle for the film Babylon AD and the supercharged Buell XB12S.

They're great for dropping in and out of the fields to check the vines, as well as hitting the road or dirt track for a bit of well-earned fun. Although there are quite powerful examples, for the most part quads are unlikely to generate the same kind of drool as, say, a Ducati superbike. That's certainly not true of Lazareth's Wazuma V8F - which is built around a 250 horsepower Ferrari 3 liter V8 engine, features a BMW gearbox and sports customized Brembo braking and Momo rims.

Lazareths Wazuma V8f 1

Based on the company's Wazuma R1 which was built around a Yamaha R1 1000cc engine, the Wazuma V8F has two spaced front wheels and two attached/closed wheels at the rear - somewhat blurring the obvious lines between Spyder-like trikes and Venom Evil-like quad bikes. Built as a company showpiece and first displayed at Top Marques 2010 in Monaco, Ludovic Lazareth's one-off creation features a Ferrari 3.0L V8 engine that's capable of delivering 250 horsepower, a handlebar-controlled six-speed sequential gearbox from a BMW M3, and four made-to-measure horizontal shocks made by EMC.

Lazareths Wazuma V8f 3

The Ferrari-red-colored V8F quad weighs just 650kg and benefits from electric power steering, modified 18-inch Momo (+Power) rims with slick tires and Brembo calipers on four 324mm disc brakes. It's said to incorporate the injection system of two sport bike engines, electronically-controlled by a Sybelle system. There are eight intake funnels for 4 exhaust outlets and a huge cooling radiator. Engine management can be modified via a computer. No, the company hasn’t let out details on how fast it goes, but they’re very happy to reveal how much it costs, its 154,800 pounds. Anyone who has any plans on acquiring one of these machines, do check with your local RTO and check if this machine is street legal in your country.

Lazareths Wazuma V8f 2
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