BSIV Diesel Ambassador Coming Soon

The new car will be tagged a new name.

Once there was a time, when the Ambassador was the only and ultimate word for travelling in the country. However, Hindustan Motors forgot to go along with the time. When many car manufacturers established in India, the firm still continued with the same strategy, majority the design of the vehicle. As stunning cars got arrived in the country, people started to go for them. It severely affected the company and finally in to huge looses.

Later in 2010, the India government's new law to use BSIV machines rather than the BSIII obliged Ambassador to discontinue the production of its cars having BSIII compliant engine. Well, the BSIII cars from Hindustan Motors is now available only in Kolkata. Now the latest news about the legend car manufacturer spreading out is the company plans to launch a vehicle BSIV complaint diesel engine soon.

Hindustan Motors New Ambassador

The upcoming 1.5-litre diesel BSIV engined car will be known in a new name and will initially be available in the 17 metropolitan cities.

The current BSIII diesel car is equipped with a 1489cc, 4 Cylinder OHV engine. It generates maximum power of 35.5 bhp @ 4000 rpm and maximum torque of 35.5 bhp @ 4000 rpm. The engine is coupled with a 5 speed manual, all synchromeshed with overdrive. The machine is wedded with a front disc which is servo assisted and a rear drum drum brake. For better comforts, independent suspension with torsion bar springs and anti-roll bar with hydraulic telescopic double acting shock absorbers at front and Semi-elliptical leaf springs with hydraulic telescopic double acting shock absorbers and metallic bushes at rear are welded. No doubt that Ambassodar cars are known for unmatched space, comfort, safety, and sturdiness. However, the machines lack good design. They are still at the old ages. So the upcoming car is expected to have a new shape to attract millions of drivers.

"We are all set to launch the BS IV-compliant diesel Ambassador very soon in keeping with our commitment earlier. Today,s display and test of the new vehicle for Kolkata taxi associations, office-bearers and select HM dealers follows over three months of rigorous road testing of the forthcoming vehicle by our engineers. We displayed the car and let a select group of the industry test drive it vigorously only when we had dealt with all possible shortcomings. The experts have found the forthcoming vehicle up to the mark in their feedback." said Uttam Bosqe, MD & CEO.
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