Gear Head Motors New L 2.0 Electric Cycle: A Revolution in Affordable and Sustainable Urban Commuting in Hyderabad

30 km Pedal Assist Range, Swift Battery Charging, and Local Manufacturing Make GHM's L 2.0 Electric Cycle the Ideal Choice for Eco-Friendly Travel

Hyderabad's Gear Head Motors (GHM) has stepped up the game for sustainable travel with its newly launched L 2.0 Series Electric Cycle. This offering combines affordability, energy-efficiency, and robust construction, targeting city commuters and biking enthusiasts who are environmentally conscious.

Ghm 2 0 L Series

Revolutionizing Urban Transport: The L 2.0 Series

The Electric Cycle from GHM is more than just a mode of transport; it's a nod to the future of green commuting. Here are the standout features of the L 2.0 Series:

Power meets versatility: The e-cycle features a 250-watt motor, making it adaptable for diverse terrains and riding styles.

Long-lasting ride: With up to 30 km pedal assist range, the cycle offers the much-needed longevity for urban commutes and leisure rides.

Swift charging, long riding: The fast-charging feature is a game-changer. The built-in battery attains full charge in just two hours via its battery management system.

Value for money: At an INR 24,999 price tag, this e-cycle offers an attractive, cost-effective solution for eco-friendly travel.

Robust engineering: Designed to withstand the elements, this e-cycle is water and dust-resistant, ensuring reliability and a long lifespan.

Ghm 2 0 L Series Features

Local Roots, Global Vision:

GHM stays true to its commitment to the environment by ensuring more than 85% of the cycle’s components are sourced and produced locally. The localized manufacturing not only boosts the local economy but also minimizes the ecological impact.

Ghm 2 0 L Series Electric Cycle


GHM's L 2.0 Series Electric Cycle is a pivotal innovation in the realm of green, urban transportation. Its combination of affordability, range, and durability makes it a practical choice for those looking to make their daily commutes more sustainable.
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