Firefox Launches New Tern Folding Bicycles in India

Tern folding cycles are Taiwanese made two wheelers, which are portable to be carried to anywhere.

The well renowned premium bicycle manufacturer of India, Firefox Bikes launched folding bikes in Delhi. The Link C7, Joe C21 and the Joe D24 are the newly launched bikes. The bicycles are priced at Rs. 28,670, Rs. 30,770 and Rs. 38,640 respectively.

"Firefox pioneered the development of the leisure biking culture in India with their first range in 2005. Since then biking has grown to become an integral part of healthy, sporty, family and fun activities. With Tern folding bikes we now offer an even wider canvas of activities featuring bikes that can be folded into the boot of a car and easily stores in the limited space of apartments," said, Mr. Shiv Inder Singh, Managing Director of Firefox bikes India.

Firefox Tern Joe C21

These tern folding motorcycles are imported from Taiwan and are built by Tern Bicycles, a Taipei based company. These bicycles can be folded and can be carried wherever we go. Though these bikes are made for the beauty of urban culture, these bi-wheelers are really useful and leisure for mountain tripping and hill journeys.

Firefox Tern Joe D24

It needs no tool or no mechanic to fold the bicycle. All we need to do is to follow the five steps given below to fold and make it a portable mode of transportation.
1. Fold the pedals.
2. Undo the quick release on the seat position.
3. Open the hinge on the handle bars.
4. Swing the front wheel 180 degrees.
5. Fold the main stem of the frame.

Firefox Tern Link C7

After it's folded, it won't be unfolded by itself. Because, the bicycle will be kept folded due to the magnets surrounded by it.

With this the premium bicycle maker, Firefox aims to achieve a growth of 25 per cent over the current fiscal. That is the company is targeting a business of Rs. 50 crore in the 2012-13 fiscal year with the sales of 55,000 units. Last year, the company managed to achieve a turnover of Rs. 40 crore with 48,000 units sale.
"Firefox Bikes is targeting Rs50 crore revenue in 2012-13 with sales of 55,000 units as against Rs40 crore turnover with dispatch of 48,000 units. In the next fiscal, we are looking for a revenue of around Rs65 crore. In volume, we hope to achieve a growth of 25 per cent over this fiscal's figure," Mr. Singh added.

Recently Firefox shut down its plant in Sri Lanka and the new plant will be relocated in Bangladesh, responded Mr. Shiv Inder Singh, Firefox Bikes Managing Director. The new plant in Bangladesh will have a capacity to produce 50,000 units per month as against 25,000 units of Sri Lankan plant.
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