Motorcycle Riding Essentials And Its Importance

Listing out some of the basic motorcycle safety riding gears.

There is a famous saying, “Four Wheels Move The Body, But Two Wheels Move The Soul”. One who rides a motorcycle with their true hearts out would definitely sticks to this statement. To many extend motorcycles are the most thrilling and fun-filled machine to ride with it and also the most dangerous means of transport we have. Unlike cars or multi-wheeled vehicles, riding a two-wheeler requires lot more skill and presence of mind. Therefore, motorcycle accidents often leads to deaths and serious injuries and that is why the use of safety gears are considered to be equally important like responsible driving. Many of our young riders are not aware of this fact and welcomes major injuries because of negligence. As we are riding one of the most dangerous machine, we have to be extra cautious about the safety standards as well.

Here we are listing out some of the basic safety gears for a motorcycle rider.


Helmets are the most important and mandatory safety device in motorcycle riding. The primary goal of a motorcycle helmet is to protect the rider's head during impact and thereby prevents or reduce the head injury and saves the rider's life. According to a study conducted by some researchers, helmets reduce the risk of head injury to 69% and death by 42%.

Arai Helmets

There are 5 basic types of helmets are used for motorcycling and they are;

Full Face- These can be also called as a basic helmet or general helmet. It is the most popular and abundantly used helmet. This type of helmet covers the entire head by a rear section which covers the base of skull and the protective front section, which covers the chin. An open cut out portion between the base skull cover and chin includes a transparent plastic face shield known as Visor. Visors can be clear and tinted transparent as well. The main attraction of these helmets is their protectiveness.

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Open Face- It can be also called as 'three-quarter' helmet as it covers ears, chin and back of the head. Open face can assure the same rear protection just like the full face, but lacks the lower chin bar linkage. The visors used in such helmets are larger than full faced.

Open Face Helmet

Flip-Up-It is a hybrid between full face and open face helmets. These convertible helmets can be used for street and long distance commuting as well. It acts as a full face helmet by bearing a chin bar and this chin bar can be pivoted upwards or can be even removed to act as an open face helmet. This helmet could be handy in conditions like drinking, eating or having any conservation without unfastening the helmet. It is also known as modular helmet.

Motocross/ Off-Road- These are specially built for off road racing or sessions. The construction of such helmets are different from the conventional full face or open face helmets. Unlike other helmets, it has an elongated chin and visor portions, a chin bar and partial open face to give the rider extra protection while wearing goggles. Modern off-road helmets have an angular chin bar to protect facial impacts and also protects from flying dirt and debris.

Husqvarna Helmet

Half Helmet- These are very common among rockers and road racers of USA. It is also referred as TT helmets or pudding basin helmets in UK. Like other types of helmets, it lacks the lowered rear and front chin bar. It provides the minimum coverage, and it is mainly used as a stylish outfit. One has to use an extra goggles for eye protection.
Other than safety, some helmets also provides additional facilities like, ventilation, face shields and even intercom.


The legs of the rider and passengers could be easily affected by accidents as it is more closer to grounds. Rider boots are worn by both the rider and passengers, which could reduce harm to feet and ankles in an event of a crash. Boots must be capable enough of impact, abrasion, tear, cut and burst resistant. It should be moderately flexible with stiff soles, tough and strong as well. The motorcycle boots are designed in such a way that, it may have energy absorbers and load spreaders on the shin.

Alpinestars Boots


Motorcycling gloves are often made from leather. Unlike other sports related gloves, these are armored gloves to protect the rider's wrist from bruises and cuts. It have reinforced palms intended to protect from injury and it also shields the rider in cold climate rides. Gloves used for motorcycle racing often incorporated with pre-curved finger sections additional armour on the palm section. Additional features include insulating materials, weatherproof fabrics, titanium or carbon panels for knuckles and joints.

Alpinestars Gloves

High quality fiber and plastic composites are also used in the manufacturing of gloves.


Armour is high density foam panels or pieces fitted into the shoulders, elbows, back hips and knees of motorcycle clothing. Sometimes these are featured along with the clothing and separate protectors are also available for chest, back and knee, which can be worn under or above the clothing.

Dainese Armor

Knee Guard


Riding safety jackets are different from conventional jackets. A quality jacket will be a great tool to help you ride through any situations or climate. Motorcycle safety jackets are often made with multiple fabrics, designs, ventilation and many storage options. The most popular type of jackets are genuine leather jackets, which suits all kinds of motorcycle. Textile jackets consists of super light weight meshes with composite fiber and plastic elements. In some jackets, armors are attached or being fixed within the clothing.

Dainese Boots And Jackets

All these outfits are somehow mandatory, rather listing it out as an essential gears. We spent thousands and lakhs on our machine and still we are not ready to buy those accessories which are required for a safe riding. This attitude often ends with regrets, when we met with serious injuries or mishaps.

Buying these accessories are now lot more easier than past days. The triumph of e-commerce in this 21st century has made buying any stuff within our country or even from the international market are just at our finger tips.

Dainese Store

Some of the leading websites related with online purchasing of motorcycle related accessories.

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