Shark Helmets Goes Futuristic!

LED embedded helmets for the first time

Shark, a French motorcycle helmet manufacturer, has introduced a new range of futuristic helmets, possibly inspired from Disney's Tron Legacy or the Iron Man movie franchise. What's futuristic about this helmet? - LED strips integrated into the helmet, but with attractive dynamic styling.

Shark Black Led Helmet

Not only does this idea score in terms of styling but also in terms of safety as well. Shark claims it is the first to incorporate LED lights to motorcycle helmets, while previously, LED strips were attached to the helmets by the user. Shark has named their new product range as SKWAL, under the Shark Pulse Division. Despite all the electronic gadgetry that goes into the making of the helmet, the unit only weighs just under 1.5 kg, which is remarkably light. It also sports an Autoseal system that insulates the rider's head from the elements. Powering the LED's is a small rechargeable battery that sits inside the helmet; a micro USB cable does the recharging bit. Incredibly, Shark claims that the LED can go on for up to 5 hours on a continuous mode or ten hours on flash/pulse mode! It also features a dedicated Bluetooth service – Sharktooth.

Shark Led Helmets

Besides that, the helmet gets standard equipment such as an internal sun visor, fully removable and washable lining. It's offered in black, matte, white and glass finishes with the option of additional graphics and colors.
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