Yamaha RX 135 Mileage

Actual average mileage of RX 135 Motorcycle

Mileage of Yamaha RX 135 is given below. If you are getting a different mileage for your motorcycle, feel free to share it.

Mileage in Highway Driving --
Mileage in City Driving --
Average Mileage --
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Mileage Under Standard Test Conditions40 kmpl
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I bike have a mileage of 50kmpl bangalore
By Supreeth on 16-11-2014
Please help me I am getting only 18 mileage what to do please help me
By Padmanabha on 17-08-2017
The bike of my Rx 135 is approx 18-25
By Vivek Reddy on 20-09-2017
My rx135 is giving only 18kms per liter.....how can i increase the mileage
By Asif on 30-11-2017
Nearly 30 in city and 38 in highway
By Sachin on 11-01-2018
25 millage deti hai bhai merit bike RX 135
By Yugal Lanjewar on 19-01-2018
By Ramesh on 31-01-2018
Nearly 25 in city and 35 in highway
By Vipul Sinha on 18-09-2018
my rx 135 its giving 40klm per ltr in city in high way 45klm per ltr if u need any help please contact me iam from bangalore 8495935313
By Mayur on 13-01-2019
What is the mileage you are getting for RX 135? Mention the kilometers you have driven. Please specify whether city mileage or highway mileage.


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