Yamaha RX 135 Mileage

Actual average mileage of RX 135 Motorcycle

Mileage of Yamaha RX 135 is given below. If you are getting a different mileage for your motorcycle, feel free to share it.

Mileage in Highway Driving --
Mileage in City Driving --
Average Mileage --
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Mileage Under Standard Test Conditions40 kmpl
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I bike have a mileage of 50kmpl bangalore
By Supreeth on 16-11-2014
Please help me I am getting only 18 mileage what to do please help me
By Padmanabha on 17-08-2017
The bike of my Rx 135 is approx 18-25
By Vivek Reddy on 20-09-2017
My rx135 is giving only 18kms per liter.....how can i increase the mileage
By Asif on 30-11-2017
Nearly 30 in city and 38 in highway
By Sachin on 11-01-2018
25 millage deti hai bhai merit bike RX 135
By Yugal Lanjewar on 19-01-2018
By Ramesh on 31-01-2018
Nearly 25 in city and 35 in highway
By Vipul Sinha on 18-09-2018
my rx 135 its giving 40klm per ltr in city in high way 45klm per ltr if u need any help please contact me iam from bangalore 8495935313
By Mayur on 13-01-2019
मेरी यामाहा आरएक्स 135, 4 गियर 2000 सन् का मॉडल है! ये प्रतिलीटर में लगभग 50-52 किलोमीटर हाईवे में और 30-35 किलोमीटर तक सिटी या लोकल में चलती है!
हालांकि इसके इंजिन में कुछ सुधार करना होगा, क्योंकि कम स्पीड में बहुत खरखराहट की आवाज आती है, और शुरुआती ताकत भी कुछ कम है! पर स्पीड अभी भी 115-120 तक है!
By महेन्द्र सिंघ नायक, सि on 14-02-2019
What is the mileage you are getting for RX 135? Mention the kilometers you have driven. Please specify whether city mileage or highway mileage.


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