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Sooraj Diesel is not in production now.

Sooraj Automobiles of Saharanpur was the only company to built and supply Diesel motorcycles in India, other than Royal Enfield. Like Enfield, they too used the very famous and reliable Greaves Lombardini Diesel engine from Italy. Lombardini used to built Diesel engines from 1980, when NATO urges to use Diesel governed automobiles in European union.

There existed a wrong thought that Sooraj Motorcycles are re-badged Royal Enfield Bullet with a Diesel engine. Many Enfield owners even replaced their gasoline power train from the motorcycle and replaced it with Greaves Lombardini engine. But Sooraj is entirely a different motorcycle but it does features the forks and wheels of an Enfield. The chassis on which engine is mounted looks completely different. Moreover, the Enfield Albion 4-speed gearbox used in this motorcycle is not mated along with the engine like the Royal Enfield models, rather it sits separately.

Sooraj's 325cc, Diesel engine is best known for its mouth watering mileage. It has an average fuel efficiency of over 86 kmpl and it do reaches 100kmpl in some models. In those times, it happens to be the cheapest mode of transportation (Diesel prices where very low). Cruising at 30 to 50 kmph is said to be most convenient and comfortable for this bike. Being a diesel engine, vibrations are common and high speed cruising often leads to tenderness.

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Overall Mileage86 km per litre
Technical Specifications
Vehicle TypeMotorcycle
Engine Displacement325.00 cc
Engine DetailsGreaves Lombardini Diesel Engine
Engine StartingKick Starting
Compression Ratio18:1
Fuel SystemCarburettor
Cooling SystemAir Cooled
Weight200 kg
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A diesel engine can never have carburetor because compression is used to burn fuel for power not spark plug like petrol engine
By on 24-05-2024
Its the first bike of my father before i born and after use to ride with him more then 20 years on it .then he sold for economic reason .now i want to buy as a gift for him same bike im finding was sold in gujarat

GEF 1038

By on 12-04-2023
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By on 17-12-2022
If anyone buy Sooraj plz contact 8055230530
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By on 01-12-2022
Whatsapp on this number 9962963207. Low budget price. Any one need to sales Royal Enfield Taurus diesel bullet.
By on 10-10-2022
Fuel System is Injection not Carburetor!
By on 11-06-2022
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By on 13-06-2021
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By on 08-09-2020
Dear Team
I want buy Surj motorcycle. Please let me know as soon as possible
By on 08-09-2020
Now I bought vintage sooraj diesel bullet very difficult to start how can I start to any technical way & how to solve that problem any one know can u pls can't me 9003056140
By on 03-09-2020
diesel engine not carborater. nozzle plunjar
By on 03-08-2020
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By on 18-07-2020
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Diesel version
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By on 17-05-2020
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By on 11-05-2020
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By on 29-12-2019
Desal bullet
By on 27-12-2019
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i love diesel bullet millage super 75 km' slowly runing 60 km speed so no accident & nice smart looking bullet
By on 27-04-2019
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By on 30-09-2018
Sooraj bullet
By on 28-06-2018
Is sooraj bike available , i would like to buy it at any cost
By on 09-06-2018
I'm having sooraj diesel 325 and I'm using it for last 3 and half years. It's perfect if we care it on time. I haven't left my bike at workshop for any engine related issue within these time. Only little issues like changing cables, brake pads, etc..
By on 28-04-2018
I would like to have a sooraj bike, love it for its mileage and economic maintenance, like to buy one if available for reasonable price
By on 23-01-2018
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I'm buy this bike
By on 23-01-2018
What is the oil capacity of spiral bullet
By on 12-01-2018
I love suraj bike in 325cc
By on 29-11-2017
Very nice Diesel Baik
By on 09-10-2017
I love suraj bike
By on 16-09-2017
Diesel bike coming?
By on 16-07-2017
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