TVS 50

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Launched in India in 1980. 50 is not in production now.

First twin seater moped in India.

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Technical Specifications
Vehicle TypeMoped
Engine Displacement50.00 cc
Engine StartingKick and Pedal
Wheels / Rimspoke
User Reviews of 50. Write Your Review
I love this model
By on 23-02-2024
I want TVS Super XL in good condition.Location : Pondicherry.if anybody having please contact: 9962186310
By on 31-01-2024
I want a second hand tvs 50 good condition at villupuram mundiyampakkam area mob 8111821982
By on 13-01-2024
I have TVS 50 Champ anyone interested please call me 7760312102
By on 26-10-2023
I have a tvs 50 in good running condition with good tyres near perambalur

Anybody wants to buy contact 9944164222
By on 11-09-2023
I need tvs50 i am in trichy
By on 16-07-2023
Sir my TVS 50 trichy location Trichy service center phone please send.
By on 09-07-2023
உங்களிடம் உள்ள டி வி எஸ் 50 எந்த நிலையில் இருந்தாலும் புதிது போல் மாற்றி கொடுக்கப்படும் மற்றும் புதிது போல் மாற்றப்பட்ட டிவிஎஸ்50 கிடைக்கும்இடம் திருப்பூர்8122009896
By on 22-11-2022
1997. Model TVS50XL new colour அனைத்து உதிரி பாகங்களும் புதிதாக மாற்றப்பட்டு ஷோரூம் கண்டிஷனில் விற்பனைக்கு உள்ளது இடம் திருப்பூர் all birds new available sales showroom condition sales available place Tirupur contact number8122009896
By on 14-11-2022
1995 மாடல் TVS 50 உள்ளது வண்டி புதியதுபோல் மாற்றி உள்ளேன்
தேவை பட்டால் அனுகவும்
By on 05-10-2022
I love this because it is slim, low height, so easy to balance. It will take heavy weight. If this same model comes with self start means vry great. Champ also very nice to ride. Tvs has to bring these two bikes again so that so many will buy it. This will reduce the fear of riding bike because of easy to balance. After a long time search I got one second hand tvs 50.
By on 11-09-2022
Contactnumber 7259198478 pls call if anyvehicle for sale we willpurchasewithin Bangalore
By on 07-09-2022
I need a second hand TVS 50(old) at karur, in good condition. I like it very much
By on 21-08-2022
I proud my tvs 50 very good pickup low service heavy take fast travel distance
By on 17-08-2022
Iam using this bike 25years. Still in good condition and good mileage. This tvs50 is like ambassador car. If tvs50 hit other bikes. Other bikes will be broken. So strong tvs50
By on 14-07-2022
Looking for old tvs heavy duty
By on 17-06-2022
It's so lucky....and I Have this very beautiful 🥰
By on 30-04-2022
It's a great indian history bike The Tvs 50s I'm very much interested in this vehicle ......any requirements for tvs50 please call me 9894141201
By on 16-07-2021
I want tvs 50 new
By on 22-06-2021
TVs 50 old modelFual dank capacity tell me plz6381604838
By on 08-09-2020
I am selling TVS 50 anyone required pls contact - 7339666654
By on 06-07-2020
Anyone willing to sell it please contact me please.
By on 25-05-2020
I need tvs.50 and 35 if have anyone please contact me on this number 9005315656
By on 11-05-2020
I need tvs 50 in good condition and Rc book pakka. If anyone sale please call 8015476077.
By on 18-02-2020
I need one tvs 50 bike and how can i get it.?
If you can inform me to my mail (
I am ready to pay for it...
By on 28-01-2020
i love tvs 50
By on 14-10-2019
I need tvs 50 ,anyone have means please give for money,
My contact ( 6381041933 )
By on 05-07-2019
This is the best bike coz I have my tvs 50 near by 20 years...
Now also it working...
Thanks my tvs 50...
By on 27-06-2019
I love old tvs 50
By on 28-05-2019
Anyone willing to sell it please contact me please.

By on 14-05-2019
I loved it very much.because it was like my friend.whenever I wanted to go out it was my strength and pride.i never forget it throughout my life.
By on 02-01-2019
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