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Additional Details about LML

LML was initially founded in the year 1972 under the name Lohia Machines Private Limited and it mainly focused in the production of machines for man-made fibre industries.

The organization entered the bike business by assembling and offering MBGS in specialized joint effort with Piaggio. The manufacture of geared scooters expanded with various new models presented and by 1998 the organization had turned into the second biggest scooter maker in India producing roughly 325,000 units annually.

Prior to the end of the 1990s, on the other hand, the Indian bike business sector was changing and four-stroke bikes were getting more of the spotlight than geared bikes. Subsequently the organization started to make moves to change its item offering including marking a specialized coordinated effort in 1998 with Daelim Motor Company of South Korea for the assembling of four-stroke bikes. In December 1999, Piaggio cut ties with the organization and sold its shares to the organization's Indian promoters while the LML Motorcycles held the rights to all the scooter innovations incorporated by Piaggio until that point of time.

In around 2000, the company dispatched its initial two motorcycles, the Adreno and Energy models with 100cc motors, in the lifestyle segment. Sometime during 2001, both these models were overhauled with new 110cc motors and certain designing upgrades. LML started to work a little more prior to the 110cc Freedom bike display in the commuter segment, which was dispatched in July 2002.

Freedom ended up receiving all the claps with a sudden surge in sales volumes resulting in an approximate o f 14000 per month from the day of its launch until November 2003. The organization later likewise brought into the market two updated Freedom models, Freedom Prima 110 and Freedom Prima 125, utilizing the new Delta 4 motors and also another model, the 150cc Graptor occurred as arranged in May 2004. Also, the rebuilt Freedom Topper was presented in August 2004 and LML's new lifestyle model, the Beamer, was launched in October 2004.

A significant part of LML's turnover is basically from sending out geared bikes across the world especially to the USA, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Egypt, Italy, France, Belgium, the UK, South Africa, Kenya, Sudan, Nigeria, Venezuela and Ecuador, and so on. Although the company doesn't seem to be big enough to run on exports, LML Motorcycles is making a significant contribution in this field and has become one of the two-wheeler export giants from India to Europe.

LML's key promoting and deals office is situated in Gurgaon and is in charge of arranging, executing and controlling all advertising and deals movement, including field advancement, publicizing, exploration, brand following, rivalry status and system improvement.

The firm presently has a solid hold over Delhi, Punjab and parts of Gujarat, Maharashtra & Western UP. At the present time naming more merchants crosswise over India, particularly in Punjab, Delhi, UP west & UP east seems to be the tasks in the bucket-list of LML Motorcycles. It is likewise at present delegating some retailing merchants with a Distributor or a Consignee Sales Agent to handle the needs and requirements of the retailers.